How to Prevent Mosquito Bites

Nobody likes mosquitoes. These annoying little blood sucking creatures are not only full of harmful diseases, they are also quite agitating. Although these diseases may range from serious to not so serious, the pain and discomfort following a mosquito’s bite is something that can’t be ignored.

The best thing to do about these evil flying blood suckers is to take necessary precautions to keep them away. However, if you have not taken any precautions, and see one coming your way, do the obvious thing and kill it before it attacks your skin. They are thirsty for your blood, don’t let them have it!

What is the best prevention against mosquito bites? Mosquito repellent, of course. Insect repellent will protect your skin from impending doom simply by spraying it onto your bare skin. If you are planning on going outside and will need sunscreen, apply the repellent before applying your sunscreen.

What is the best type of insect repellent to use? Well, repellents which contain 30 to 50 percent DEET will remain on your skin for several hours. If the repellent you are using has less than 30 percent DEET, then you must apply it more often as it will not stick to your skin as well. Repellents that have a high percentage of picaridin are also known to be excellent insect repellents. If you are looking for a non chemical repellent and would prefer a more natural remedy, try using Citronella, tea tree oil, or vitamin B supplements. An important thing to remember is that children under the age of 2 are not allowed to be exposed to repellents, so your best bet would be to use mosquito netting around the carrier to protect them.

There are many other less common precautions that you should take when trying to avoid mosquito bites. One thing to try is to wear loose, long sleeved shirts and pants while you are outdoors. This will block mosquitoes from finding their way to your skin.

For added protection, you may even spray repellent onto your clothing to keep them as far away as possible. Before you fall to sleep, cover your area with a mosquito net around you, but remember to check for holes regularly. This net will keep you protected all night long, so you will not need to worry about a sneak attack in the night. If you choose to use the net, make sure that it is far enough away from you so you do not touch the net while you sleep.

Two unknown facts about mosquito prevention is that electric hanging buzz zappers are really not as great as they seem, and mosquitoes are attracted to warmer bodies. As for the electric buzz zappers, they often times kill bugs that are not harmful, and their loud and obnoxious noise tends to catch bugs attention. As for the warm body, keep your body cool by avoiding dark and heavy clothing which will keep your body hot.  There are also repellant candles on the market, that when lit will keep mosquitos away.

One trick that you can try is to spray a little bit of lemon around the outside area where you are, if not directly on your skin. Mosquitoes are not fond of lemon and it will help to keep most of them at bay, if not all. You can also try to use a garden hose with a spraying attachment (empty miracle grow bottle) and put in a little bit of lemon scented soap. I have tried this recently and it did seem to work pretty well. Don't spray too much, but just a little around the back patio area of your home, around the area where you want to sit.

I have also heard that vanilla extract and even garlic oil will help keep them away. Give some of these a try and see what works best for you!


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