Much Ado Over Termite Control Spray

The high cost of hiring a pest control agency to do the job of eliminating termite infestation has given birth to a new breed of hero: the termite control spray. A termite control spray does not carry with it the cost of labor, the markup and other costs that go hand in hand with running a profitable pest control business. This alone should make the home or business owner with the infestation problem feel good about seeking an alternative that can work wonders when done properly.

Of course it will be so much better if the termites will just go away, but until the Pied Piper of Hamlin or the magic bullet theory is discovered, the termite control spray will continue to be a sought after approach to solving an age-old problem. For example, hiring a pest control business to accomplish the task can cause anywhere between $400 and $1,000 depending on whether the facility due for treatment is an average-size garage or the entire building.

Take note, this is only the cost of a one-time application; for advanced or serious infestations, two or more applications may be required. To understand more the gravity of the situation as well as the relative advantage of the termite control spray, there is a need to examine the culprit or put it under the microscope for a bit. Many people already know what a termite is; it needs no introduction, it is a kind of pest that loves to eat wood, period. A lot of people are also aware that these pests do the damage in an underhanded manner, that is, behind the scenes.

Even a termite control spray will find it hard to combat the situation when the termite colony has advanced to such a degree as to resemble an advanced case of cancer, like London Bridge is falling down. Fortunately the London structure is relatively immune to the infestation under discussion while susceptible on the other hand, to rusting. However, as to the subject of which scenario is better, only a termite control spray can probably answer.

While the most effective termite control spray can help save the day, any wooden or combination structure can benefit more from rigorous observation as in an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to be preventative, and especially not with regards to an enemy that undertakes some kind of covert or clandestine operation. By far, the most cost-effective termite control spray in the market is the Dominion Termiticide Concentrate which costs $33 at two litters.

In terms of popularity, however, the Termidor SC wins handily in the termite control spray competition. However, popularity is not the only criteria and neither is price. This is because there are several different varieties of termites out there, of which the two main classes are subterranean and aerial. For foundations infected with the two major classes, the popular termite control spray is worth picking; in addition, this brand also kills the Formosan variety. But when it comes to the subterranean species, the Dominion brand is the specialist.

The most popular brand of termite control spray is definitely higher priced, easily twenty dollars more; but for someone who does not have time to analyze which species to train the spray gun on, going with the Termidor termite control spray is a no-brainer. For to go with the Dominion brand is to have to factor in the cost of consultation with a pest control agency. The moral of the story is to check the product label thoroughly; the choice of the best termite control spray is not an easy task.

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