Don't Let Insects Bug Your Clients And Customers

Although insect invaders can be a yearlong problem, numbers can peak over the summer months causing large infestations in the home and workplace. A few of the main offenders in the working environment are wasps, ants, cockroaches and even bed bugs in the hotel industry; all of which can be damaging to both health and safety and reputation of a business, especially in the food industry.

Wasps have always caused a problem both at home and work and can cause a major health risk to those with allergies with the possibility of anaphylactic shock. Wasp nests in the working environment can cause unnecessary stress on employees and clients visiting the working premises, with the risk of being stung.

Over the summer period wasps are attracted by sugary substances, encouraging them into different situations; offices where lunch is taken at desks, food preparation areas and the tourism industry where sweet foods and open rubbish can appeal to the serious stingers.

Usually, the quickest way of handling a wasp infestation starts with the eradication of the wasps nest; first of all however, you need to find where it is hidden. Wasps aren't particular about where they build their nests; as long as the area is dry they build around the space they find, this can make finding the nest difficult as it maximises your search for the threat.

After it is found however, the best way of attacking the infestation is directly through the nest; insecticide dust can be applied to the mouth of the nest and spread throughout. Just remember that it is advisable to get in a professional to cover this operation.

One of the most common infestations in the summer months is caused by ants; once they've got a grasp on your property it can be very difficult to eradicate the problem. As they nest in such large numbers, once an invasion has begun it can seem like there's no end to the amount of ants infecting an area; in industries especially dealing with food, this can pose a serious threat to the contamination of food; this in turn can damage reputation. To prevent an infestation, it is important to ensure the working environment is kept clean; giving the ants no reason to be attracted to your premises.

The worst insect usually associated with an infestation is the common cockroach; naturally being a larger threat than wasps and ants in terms of size, and the impact it can have on an organisation. Carrying diseases such as salmonella, dysentery and gastroenteritis; cockroaches can create a serious health and safety risk in any working environment as well as posing a massive threat to company reputation.

When a cockroach is spotted it is vitally important to exterminate the problem as fast as possible; this is usually best done by an expert who is able to identify the severity of the situation and the means of how to eliminate the threat.

From bed bugs treatment to flea control, the leading pest control services are on hand to help your business.


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