DIY Pet Gates - Give Your Dog Access To The Outside World

How to Make a Doggy Door

There can be several reasons we would not want to leave our pets outside or inside without access to the other. During severe weather, colder months and hot days it is nice for your pet to have access to the indoors and to go outside freely. Finding pet doors for your cat or dog can vary from styles, sizes, and installation techniques. Most pet doors that are purchased can cost from $30.00 to $100.00 dollars and will work wonderfully.

Though some frugal pet owners may want to build their own pet door and install which can be an easy project for about $10.00 in supplies if they are not available around the house or garage.

Tools needed to install a pet gate will consist of a few items. The tool list will include a drill, bits ranging from ⅛” to probably a ¼” , a ¾” inch hole saw, utility knife, jigsaw, pencil and ruler, sandpaper, a keyhole saw and some mastic such as windshield or upholstery cement.

These items if not available can be purchased cheaply or tools can be even borrowed or rented. The costs of the tools can be minimal and have several purposes if one needs to purchase and some of the items would even be required to install an assembled or manufactured pet door.

Supplies needed for a DIY Pet Gate can most of the time is found around the home and the main portion is a rubber mat or flap. One can use old floor mats from vehicles and or mud flaps. Other types of rubber flaps can be made from other household items such as shower mats or under desk mats but may not be as durable.

The more durable the mat the longer it will last and survive your pet, especially a larger dog. Including the door, you will also need 2 strips of medium gauge sheet metal and some magnetic ribbon. Magnetic ribbon may be found in house wares or retailers and possibly stationery store. Other items will include a piece of hardwood or Masonite, molding, aluminum strips, metal clips and pan head wood screws. It is possible to mix and match these specific items as needed for your door type and dimensions.

Some configurations will be necessary to insure your pet can fit easily through the door and doors as well vary and can be hollow or solid. Once you have measured and figured the size for your pet gate, find what type of door you will be using for the installation. If your door is hollow then the tools and hardware should work although if you are using a panel door then you will need to make minor adjustments and use bolts instead of screws. When cutting the port for your pet door, make sure to check and measure twice before cutting.

Insulating and sealing the fixture area of the pet door will also be necessary to keep drafts and cold air or moisture from penetrating the pet doorframe. The items listed can be used and several variations of a pet door can be done. Some online websites will host videos or give diagrams and basic instruction in how to create a pet gate for your dog or cat.


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