Six Interesting Facts about Lions

Have you ever really wondered about lions? Yes we know they are strong, powerful, kings of the jungle, however, the basics barely scratches the surface of how truly amazing and powerful lions are. There are a lot more fun facts that make lions such fascinating creatures.

Perhaps the most astonishing thing to know about lions is their extremely loud roar, which can be heard from five miles away. This gives you plenty of time to run for cover.The male lion can easily protect over 100 miles squared. That gives you approximately 95 square miles to consider while roaming in unknown territory.

The next fascinating fact about lions: the male lion are the ones to primp while lionesses do most of the hunting for their prides. Male lions demand respect, and often appear to be more fearful. Not a surprise. This is due to their testosterone levels.

If you happen to step upon a male lion with a dark, beautiful, long mane, please bow in courtesy to the king, or you may not live to regret it. Lionesses do most of the hunting due to their smaller size and ability to run for longer distances than male lions.

Do you know that, pride is a female based social unit? A pride is formed based on a group of lionesses that are related to each other. It can comprise as little as just a few, and up to 40 of individuals. Adults play the most important roles in a pride. Cubs and also Sub-adults are also the members of the group. And then, there will be the male lions.

Another interesting fact of lions is, they do periodically cat-around. Lions can possibly breed with tigers and the resulting babes are called either ligers or tigons. Lions and leopards breed and their offspring are called leapons.

A lion mating with a jaguar results in a jaglion. All in all, lions can be very busy animals, even though they lounge in the shade for 20 hours a day.

Do you know that, the king of the jungle isn’t really the animal of integrities? It is not beneath the female lion to steal the kills of another animal. There is a natural game that lions play with hyenas: We will gather together and sneak your food when you are not looking and then you can do the same to us.

Since an adult lion eats around 10 to 15 pounds of meat, if a lioness happens upon your camp, gladly share your dinner with her.

Do you know about lions’ present, past and future? Lions used to thrive on all the continents, but that had changed for over 10,000 years. Sadly nowadays, the only natural habitats for lions are scattered across Africa, although there are still parts of India where the Asiatic Lion exists.

That’s the result of the change of climate as well as human being’s habitat degradation and hunting. We have to protect lions and their future in order not to let them become as rare as tigers!

The Asiatic Lion is slightly smaller than the African Lion and it exists in the Gir Forest. In fact, this is the only part of the world where Lions and Tigers co-exist, naturally!

Meeting a lion in the dark corridors of the wilderness is risky business. You must be aware of these fun facts so you are prepared as you enter the lion’s kingdom. If you do go see them in the jungle, good luck on your travels and take pride in knowing your lions.


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