Skin Problems on Dogs: Sores, Rashes, Inflammation, Itching, Etc.

Most frequently, such skin symptoms on Dogs, including sores, rashes, inflammation, dry skin, scaly skin, excessive sratching, etc., will be the result of an internal digestive disorder known as Systemic Yeast Infection; wherein, excreted toxins and dying yeast cells will cause a surface-level 'Immune System Response'.

This response is mostly about the inflammation that results in the chronic itching, and is a main factor leading most vets to assume "allergies" are at fault. If seeing such symptoms with your pet, along with others, we urge you to assess your situation using. More information is provided below for further enlightenment. But, if the assessment has opened your eyes to the probability that Yeast Candida is causing all the misery, you can get more detailed information on the internet by searching for "Yeast Program Information."

Yes, those itchy symptoms involving the skin of your Dog, including dry or flaky skin (or even oily skin) are most likely tied to a root-cause that may not be correctly diagnosed by your Vet. The TOXINS and dying cells of an internal Yeast Candida problem can raise havoc with the immune system at the surface of the body (skin, ears, feet, etc.). The most typical veterinary response, for an assumed "allergies" diagnosis, is to address the surface symptoms topically with sprays, ointments, or shampoos, while also taking a systemic approach using Antibiotics or Steroids.

This systemic treatment will likely create worsening of the problem over time (you may have already seen this). Such treatments may produce some 'temporary' relief from symptoms, but the issues always return - and usually worsen over months and years. And, since the underlying root ailment (the yeast in the gut) is being worsened by these methods, the symptoms will return with a vengence.

However, even if your pets sores, rashes, and such problems that are 'isolated' (not tied to a yeast issue), the very same all-natural products shown for yeast problem resolution will surely just as instrumental in helping your pet to better health. If your situation leaves you wondering or confused, which is not uncommon, it is recommended that you search for all natural solutions, including pet supplements such as Antioxidant Treats, BacPak Plus, Ox-E Drops, or Sprouted Granules.

In our modern society, with the over-abundance to poor quality pet foods, and common overuse of Antibiotics and Vacination protocols, there is one type of ailment that stands out as most common (other than arthritic type issues). That ailment is Yeast Candida overgrowth of the GUT, also known as Systemic Yeast Infection or Candidiasis.


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