Pet Book Review - The Loss of a Pet by Wallace Sife

The Loss of a Pet by Wallace Sife is a written in a very knowledgeable and compassionate way, making it a perfect read for those unfortunate to have lost a beloved pet. Wallace Sife, PhD, has established himself as a high respected author in all matters relating to the bereavement of a pet in the family.

Wallace Sife is also the founder of several non-profit organizations, such as the APLB (Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement). Beyond his work as a counselor to help owners understand the loss of a pet, Dr. Sife also takes on a role of coaching others in giving help to grieving pet owners.

The basic principle behind The Loss of a Pet is to offer the grieving pet owner a wide-range of practical, concise, compassionate and useful advice on what steps might be needed to help relieve some of the pain that comes with losing a much treasured pet. For instance, Dr. Sife will record the various stages of the grieve process, while include might involve those instances of grief where it might becomes necessary to mask problems of a deeper nature.

Dr. Sife is able to clearly show how to best handle those situations that relate to why the end of animal-human relationship can be so heartfelt; offers best advise on what steps might be take to help cope with a sense of anger; looks into the problems that might be associated with a child that loses their pet, and goes into great length with discussing the potential of euthanasia, which talks about whether you should be by the side of a pet until the very last breath.

If you are really able to understand the reasons for the hurt you feel of losing a cherished pet, this will go great lengths to helping you cope with an expect or sudden loss. A loving pet will give unconditional and boundless love and is able to take a special hold on your heart. However, in the sad situation of a pet dying, a warm enjoyable place is soon turned empty and sad.

In The Loss of a Pet, you will discover more on learning to cope with a loss including -

• Learn more about the grieving process of losing a beloved family pet, which will go into great length to guide you through the various stages of grief and what techniques might be used in getting accustomed to coping.

• The different reasons behind why a pet might be lost, which might include grieving for a pet that appears to have gone missing, a pet that need to be give up for the reason of changing circumstances in your life, and various other difficult situations.

• How it might be best to help a child cope with the sudden loss of a pet and how it is likely to impact differently to a young child, rather then an adult.

• Learn more on what might need to be known when it comes to euthanasia, which talks about the best course of action to take for the pet, even it it’s a very difficult step to take.

• A comprehensive index of the after care help and advice, which goes into great length about memorial gardens, crematories, and pet cemeteries.

A wonder book that it is, The Loss of a Pet, is able to guide you completely through the process of grief and does it in a highly sympathetic way, which often means reading the book through quite watery eyes, but this is a book that is able to provide a perfect foundation for offering a high level of comfort. Dr. Sife helps you get through the loss when you are experiencing pain that might well not be appreciated by others around you.

Even though it is highly difficult to fill the void that has been left by a much loved pet, this book is certainly able to slowly guide through the significant loss and grief that you might be feeling at the time. A loving companion who might have been by your side for a decade of more will always certainly be missed, but with the help of this book you will slowly start to come to terms with the loss.

It is found that The Loss of a Pet is highly favored and reviewed book online, with a great number of positive comments talking about how effective it is at helping someone cope with the sudden loss of a beloved family pet. Even though, you can of course talk to friends and family members about your pet and what the actually loss meant to you, it will be possible to gain even more if you’re able to read this comprehensive book on how best the live with the grief you might currently be experiencing. 


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