Value Of Historic Photos - How Much Are Old Photographs Worth?

Could Your Old Photos Have Cash Value?

Many of us have sentimental attachments to photos or snapshots from our past and our families and friends. It is not odd for families to have pictures that have been passed down through the generations and some of these old photos could be worth some cold-hard cash. It does not have to be that you may have famous or celebrity ancestors to make your old photos valuable. Some pictures of simple everyday life of average people have become very popular to those who collect photos of certain periods or eras.  Also vintage photos of war memorabilia or costume has greatly increased in value over the years.

It may be a worthwhile effort to sort and categorize old photos and to perform some research on collector websites of antique photographs to familiarize what today is culturally fashionable and collectible. One very popular collection is photobooth pictures. Photobooth pictures were a fun and adventurous way to capture the moment of couples and friends.

Since the photograph or camera was invented in 1836 it has been an iconic past time to capture moments of time. Photobooth pictures create a nostalgia of an earlier age and magical moments. The quality and pictures of these can damage easily so the better condition the more valuable your possibles snapshots could be worth.

Several genres of pictures and activities also tempt collectors. Such interesting activities captured on film can be of smoking, drinking, people sleeping and fishing. Truly interesting to many are the pictures of people sleeping. Not that many pictures exist and many collectors are quite competitive in this genre. Fashionable of the time are smoking and drinking while capturing the moment of the clothing and the attitude of the current age or era of the historical past. Fishing pictures can also be quite valuable especially if located in historical landmarks along rivers or basin areas.

Some photos such as those taken along perhaps the Mississippi or even the Erie Canal of your third cousin once removed from the early years can be sold for an impressive price. Not to mention if the landmarks in the photos are no longer in existence then the photo may be quite collectible.

Another popular genre of pictures with historical value are of family vacations and farming. These pictures will tell stories of several different aspects of the era or time in which they were shot. Not only do historians value these types of photos for historical interests but collectors desire pictures of various vacation spots and the family unit, or the farming equipment and the rugged appearances of those hard at work.

Of course finding that one special picture of a family friend who just happens to be a famous celebrity or politician would be intriguing. It is definitely valuable to research and care for old photographs even if just for the memories. Several ways to save photographs are available and one of the more popular methods is to scan and save to computer or disc.

This is a great way to save the photo but actual pictures can be much more valuable than just the images, so even if you have backed up your pictures in a safe place, still it is valuable to do the best to maintain the originals if possible. It may not be a shoebox full of old Elvis pictures but with a little investigation you may be holding valuable treasures.


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