3 Things Expecting Mothers Should Not Be Eating

What 3 Food Types Can Be Dangerous to Babies Health

Pregnancy can be a gift and wanting to protect your unborn child from miscarriage, birth defects and other abnormalities is a first response in expecting mothers. Although some instances do happen without cause it is important to know what foods and food types or beverages can be potentially harmful to the health of the baby and the pregnancy. To avoid or limit the important and dangerous food types is a most effective way to prevent harm. Many are aware that during pregnancy all foods of a raw nature should be washed carefully and other foods prepared and cooked fully. Food preparation safety practices can control several forms of bacterial infections and food born illnesses that can damage a fetus.

Avoid Raw Meat Foods

Not all raw foods will be bad such as fruits and vegetables that are washed and prepared safely but vegetable sprouts, eggs, meats and seafoods can carry several types of bacteria and other pollutants that can greatly increase the chances of birth defects. Meats and eggs of course should be cooked to the normal internal temperature of 160 degrees. This will mean that no more runny eggs or rare steaks are a safe diet for new baby. Including deli meats and refrigerated meats such as bologna, hot dogs and meat pastes (unless canned that can carry deadly bacteria if not cooked to high temperatures such as the deadly listeriosis.

Raw seafoods and shellfish can contain higher than average contents of mercury  that can cause severe health issues for the mother and unborn child as well as birth defects. Eating local fish is not always good either and local pollution can affect the baby. It is best to eat younger and smaller fish as the older and bigger the fish will have more mercury.  Fish can be a healthy part of any diet including an expecting mother. Safe fish and seafood such as shrimp, crab, white tuna, and salmon or cod can be safely consumed when washed and cooked thoroughly.

Avoid Unpasteurized and Unwashed Foods

Many eggs and cheeses can be a very healthy addition to a pregnant diet yet if the products are not pasteurized then foodborne illnesses can be an issue. It is important to check such items such as cottage cheese, skim milk, blue cheeses, eggs and any other dairy products and fruit juices to make sure they state on the label that they have been pasteurized. Fruit juices should also be processed as they can hold contaminants much like unwashed foods that can cause illnesses.

Avoid Alcohol and Caffeine

Alcohol at a minimum is often approved yet many are aware of the effects of excessive consumption of alcohol on an unborn fetus and the damaging after effects and birth issues. Caffeine can also have severe health effects on a fetus, causing increased heart rate, miscarriage, birth defects and stillborn. Caffeine as well as alcohol can be consumed in moderation and both of these options should be discussed with your healthcare professional to determine what is safe for you and your baby.


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