Stop Stretch Marks Before They Begin With Cocoa Butter

Cocoa Butter is the Most Popular Stretch Mark Cream

Many women worry about stretch marks even if they have never had a baby. Stretch marks can occur in several spots on the body, most commonly the belly or stomach region but also on arms, shoulders, thighs and buttocks. Stretch marks are caused by the skin reaching it maximum elasticity and tearing the outer layers. Some stretch marks can be very deep and even may bleed, be itchy and most likely will never go away though they do fade over time.

The best cure for stretch marks is prevention and using emollients and moisturizers daily on skin areas will do the best in preventing stretch marks by keep the skin elastic and stretchy when necessary avoiding tearing.

The most popular cream or lotion ingredient for soft supple skin is Cocoa Butter. Cocoa butter is a natural emollient from the cocoa bean and is used mainly in the making of chocolates and creams for cosmetic uses. The grade of the cocoa butter will depend on the manufacturer and for those with more sensitive skip types can purchase 100% pure cocoa butter for cosmetic purposes.

Cocoa butter is one of the most stable of plant oils and maintains a solid buttery form when stored at room temperature. It has several natural antioxidants that make it stable for longer shelf life of 2 to 5 years and will not turn rancid or smell. Though the natural scents of the cocoa butter are often removed and many of the creams available will have a light scent additive.

Cocoa butter will melt at body temperature making this a wonderful cream for massage and skin moisturizing. It penetrates lightly and does not leave an overly greasy feel. Massaging the skin with any type of oil or emollient can have great properties in keeping the skin elastic and cocoa butter is soft and gentle and can be used several times daily.

Also, because cocoa butter is thicker and creamier at room temperature it will require that it be worked into the skin giving a individual a more active massage type application that works the skin. Kneading and massaging skin areas keeps them supple and elastic, just as massaging and stretching muscles before exercise helps to keep them from tearing.

Applying cocoa butter in its natural room temperature state or even slightly melted in a more oily state has wonderful benefits for the skin. It does penetrate the skin moderately but also provides a good layer of outer protection that is not easily sweated or washed away. It is key to begin moisturizing as soon as possible before stretch marks are apparent yet even at the first sign of stress on the skin the cocoa butter can have great effects in correcting skin damage and restoration.

Some cocoa butter lotions will include other healing oils such as Vitamin E, RoseHip Oil, or Caffeine to help stimulate skin repair if damage has already been afflicted. Caffeine helps to tighten saggy skin areas and close pores while RoseHip Oil is full of Vitamin C and can correct damage and remove blemishes. It is important though especially if experiencing pregnancy to begin prevention as early as possible.


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