Prince2: In The Era Of Complexity

Complexity is the domain of unknown unknowns - the home of the sort of surprises familiar to any of us who work in systems development. This raises the question: how can you effectively manage something that you cannot predict? Do you often encounter surprises on your projects that seem to make sense later on?  You may have a project environment that is not just a complicated but complex. 

It is clear that we live in an increasing complex and interconnected world in which millions of lines of code run our cars and social networking services support emergent political change in the middle-east. Complexity is the domain of unknown unknowns - the home of the sort of surprises familiar to any of us who work in software development.

The computer systems that we develop, the project environments we develop them in, and our organizations themselves are all becoming more complex, not less. It follows then that those organizations who acknowledge this and find ways to be effective at delivering projects in complex environments are likely to be more successful that their competitors who don't.

It turns out that the directive management style that we inherited from the industrial revolution around 200 years ago is not the most effective approach in such complex environments.

In this session we unpack the nature of complexity and explore the latest management science. We'll explore why the traditional project management approaches used in most organizations break down in the face of complexity and unpredictably and the approach we can use instead.

Luckily, there is an increasing understanding of management techniques with which we can control the unpredictable and determine what works when the nature of the project's variables are unknown.

We present a proven model for successful project management in a complex environment. That proven model is a certification course. In doing so, we uncover a number of fundamental paradigm shifts that underpin agile methods as well as the attributes and skills that this requires of managers and leaders who wish to be effective in the face of the 21st century's Wicked Problems of complexity and unpredictability.

PRINCE2 training is defined as “the application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to project activities to meet the project requirements”).  The PRINCE2 course is there to provide others with the type of tools that is needed for them to improve their ability to plan, implement and to be able to manage the activities that are needed to accomplish specific organizational objectives. This training is basically something that is planned and organized carefully in order to accomplish a successful project

PRINCE2 practitioner certification course is an important part of the business world because it is critical when developing customized products and services and it is also helpful when an organization is trying to sustain a lucrative relationship with the customers’. So, in the era of complexities and risk the PRINCE2 certification has come up with the specific training which makes you successful project management.


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