Advancement in PRINCE2

Prince2 is the updated version of PRINCE. In 1975, Simpact systems ltd company created a project management method named PROMTII. This method was then adopted as a set standard for all government projects by CCTA in 1979. OGC continuously kept on working on the methodology to make it more effective.

For improvement of this method they considered the views and experience of he users, larger number of projects, team of project managers and all the pros and cons faced by them along with in depth analysis of success and failures. Prince2 was undoubtedly introduced for government sectors but it was later on used by private sectors also.

PRINCE2 training is study of three areas which is collaboration of PRINCE2 principles, processes and themes. All three work on prince2 law, project stages and prince2 documentations respectively. Prince2 was majorly based on seven principles.

·         Continued business justification

·         Learn from experience

·         Defined roles and responsibilities

·         Manage by stages

·         Manage by exception

·         Focus on products

·         Tailored to suit the project environment

Projects are only important and valued if it is checked with the requirements of the business case and it has to be purpose oriented because otherwise it will be mere wastage of recourses. PRINCE2 Practitioner training involves learn from experience methodology so that all the loop holes can be captured and can be prevented from recurring in future.

In a project since there is lot of manpower required so it is important to define everybody’s roles and responsibilities and all must be taught to abide by these and there should be no communication gap to make it a successful project. Diversification of the projects in to stages is another important aspect to manage the project in an effective manner.

Prince2 provides empowerment to all those who are working in a project at all stages and levels. A special check is kept on time, cost, quantity, scope benefits and risk which in return helps to focus more on the products which are known key elements in PRINCE2 as the ultimate aim is to satisfy the customers by providing them product enriched with all features required by the customer by deeply focusing on the resulted product.

After the product is formed the last stage involves tailoring and making changes in accordance to suit the environment of the project. This works on importance of the product and capability of people working.

Prince2 certification will equip the students with world-class project management skills by which they feel more confident in managing the project and that too in a team where there are lesser chances of making mistakes and by constantly discussing and communication one can learn in a better way which leads to saving money and endeavors.

Prince2 training provides with two certification courses one is prince2 foundation training and another is prince2 practitioner course for those who posses ability to manage the projects individually. Prince2 certification is a pathway for greater employment prospects for the project managers or directors or executives working on a project in an organization.


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