PM skills - PRINCE2 ®, IPMA, APMP, PMP?

PRINCE2, IPMA, APMP and PMP certification are all kinds of project management.

With project management courses, for many it can be difficult to navigate and make sense of all, choose the most suitable for you.

PRINCE2 (Projects IN Controlled Environments) is probably the best known and most widely used rating PM recognized.

IPMA (International Project Management Association) is a nonprofit organization that promotes international PM. Many of the courses related to sit under the body, including the United Kingdom recognized the APMP certification.

PMI (Project Management Institute) is another organization in the industry and provides governance PM PMP (Project Management Professional).

How are they structured?

Structured project management, project management in a logical and organized, following defined steps. Each training program runs its own program to provide candidates can:

PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner level certification offers. The basic level is present PRINCE2 methodology for environmental education project. The test measures whether a candidate for these tasks within the PM team. The professional level is more advanced, following the theories and invites participants to apply the circumstances of the various projects and understanding of their relationships and reasons.

Certificate APM introduction provides the basic concepts and terminology, candidates APMP team with all the necessary elements for a successful PM, ideal for those with two years experience. AMP Professional sharpen the skills of the current PM, project managers and team leaders, usually with 3-5 years of experience in managing complex projects no.

IPMA offers four levels of certification, Level A (Certified Project Manager), level B (Senior Project Manager certified) or level C (Certified Project Manager) and D level (Certified Associate Project Management).

What are the differences between PRINCE2 and APMP or PMP, and you should choose?

Demand IPMA proven business demand worldwide for people with projects, programs and portfolio management expertise continues to grow, so choosing the right course for you is essential.

APM provides generic knowledge and understanding in key areas and aspects of project management. The base is provided by methods such as PM PRINCE2.

PRINCE2 Course provides the user with an appropriate structure process-oriented methodology for each organization to carry out joint projects. His theories benefit all PM work because of its general principles and focus on the structure and functioning. PRINCE2 theories often considered good practice.

IPMA Level D and PMP are larger in terms of content of PRINCE2 Certification. It may be more suitable for PRINCE2 as a model or framework PAM and think the instructions. They are complementary but different.

The Academy courses provide knowledge in APM PRINCE2 Foundation and whose popular and professional levels and other specialized areas of project management.


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