How Not To Gain Weight While Quitting Smoking

Gaining weight is one great concern of smokers who want to quit their addiction to nicotine. These individuals believe that they will simply gain weight in the process of quitting smoking and it will become worse once they stop their vice. But will you really gain weight once you quit or is this just another excuse of smokers so they could find justification for them to keep on smoking?

Based on my experience, I was able to quit successfully yet I did not gain weight during and after the quitting period. I have also known many ex-smokers yet they are now living a healthy life without the worries of becoming obese. Although there are few who really gained weight and their situation now is far no worse when they were smoking due to obese related health problems.

What is the real reason why some ex-smokers become overweight while others do not. First, smoking is not only an addiction but a habit as well. So in order to break this habit, the easiest way is to replace it with a new one. Some discovered that making their mouth busy by eating can easily dissipate the cravings during the withdrawal period. Unknowingly to them, this will soon become a habit that will replace smoking which is very unhealthy. So now you know the reason why some successful quitters become obese later on.

So if you really want to quit successfully without gaining weight, you should fight the cravings of smoking by doing something worthwhile like drinking a glass of water. Instead of munching a bag of potato chips why not drink a cup of tea or do some deep breathing exercises instead to fight the withdrawal symptoms of nicotine? Once you have been accustomed in doing this you will soon develop healthy habits instead of bad ones that could cause health problems later on.

There are many ways to fight the symptoms of nicotine during your withdrawal stage. You could drink water as mentioned above, do deep breathing, do stretching exercises, read a book, do auto-suggestion techniques and so on. Smoking is a sinister trap and you have to be smart enough to free yourself by not being trapped again into some unhealthy practice. During my quitting period, I was able to develop the habit of drinking plenty of water. Each the time the cravings start, I would gulp down a glass of water and it helped me quit smoking for good.

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