Seletar Park Residences Singapore

Seletar Park Residence is located at Seletar Road, a proposed condominium housing development are made up of 3 blocks of 5-storey residential flats, a total of 276 units with 280 car park lots in the basement, a pool area and social facilities. It is surrounded by green beautiful places for any nature loving heart that greets the morning with a clean and fresh start.

Getting up in a place where there's an infinite calm and undisputable lifestyle is an easy ecstasy it is easy to come to feel for a good start of your day. Clean, comfy and relaxing charm will greet you as you open up your eyes and be inspired with the bliss within your heart. Through the elegant glass panels in each unit you may be arise in a wonderful and warming greet of sunshine every morning with a natural touch of fresh air which will surely make your day a nice beginning. And rest assure for a warm and glistering light of stars at night and feel the cold wind to allow you to ease off from full day at work.

Treat yourself and fonder by it's known luxury and style of pleasure that you just deserve to experience. Have a splendid physique healthy and fit by just physical workouts at the gym with completely functional and up-to-date equipment that will help you along with and at night simply get together with some friends and mingle under the glistering star together with an enchanting moon for romantic passion on your partner. Have fun and experience every inch of this exceptional lifestyle that Seletar Park Residences offers.

Innovative style and design from this exclusive property have the ability to attracts every ones awareness while they goes by. One's property is a primary component of living a well-composed life. Excellent layout in every single unit for every ones comfort and wellbeing, utilising high class craftsmanship and high end branded interior finishes for a amazing type of living that every ones deserves for. An array of eateries within the neighborhood into an easy way of life. Nature inspired surroundings that you can truly appreciate and enjoy the love of nature for us and a good benefit it provides in each one of us.

Enchanting development unites the fun of a theme park with the comfort of the resort that treats you at its best. A North-South orientation on most units for its terrific scene to experience a good life ahead. The combined of luxury, prestige, simplicity and sophistication in one can be a haven like no other.

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