Choosing The Right Accommodation Or Apartment In Lebanon

Whatever the type of trip you want to undertake in Lebanon, we urge you to plan your accommodation before you leave. Lebanon is small though accommodation options are flourishing and getting increasingly diversified.

If you wish to rent or buy a furnished apartment or villa, an arrangement can be settled between the visitor and the owner through a real estate company or classified ads agency. If you live abroad the best way would be to check the postings on real estate website or classified ads of famous Lebanese papers websites. Also many international real estate companies are opening in Lebanon, you can visit them in your own country and they can help you greatly.

If you think about camping, there are several campgrounds in Lebanon, natural sites (parks, forests, mountains) or natural reserves. They offer accommodation in tents or eco-lodge, with sporting activities and ecotourism.

You can get information on camping through the Lebanese Ministry of Tourism.

If you wish to have an economically suitable place to stay you can try dorms or convents especially for the youth, hostels is also a type of accommodation that is expanding in Lebanon and there is even a federation of Lebanese youth hostels.

As for cottages and home stays, these types of residence are beginning to grow and getting organized. It can get you to the heart of Lebanese culture for a moderate price.

How to chose the right accommodation in Lebanon depends on what you want. Downtown Beirut could be a great choice if you have a big budget as you will be located in the heart of Beirut's business district. You may however settle for a smaller and cheaper area in case you go to the lively suburbs such as Hazmieh or Sin el Fil or prefer the pure air of the Lebanese mountains such as Broumana or Baabdat.

If you like touristic areas, we recommend checking out areas such as Gemayzeh or the Hamra neighborhood in Beirut where you have a great night life.

If you prefer an accommodation with a sea view and close to historical landmarks, then you should go for Byblos, Saida or Jounieh. Another benefit of these coastal cities is the ease of access to beach resorts.

Students visiting Lebanon should try to look for accommodation in student dorms of local universities such as Saint Joseph University or the American University of Beirut. Prices will be cheaper and location will be usually handy and close to local shopping streets and lively restaurants and pubs.

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