Looking For A New Profession? Consider A Career As A Recruiter!

If you're considering a career as an Executive Recruiter there are a few things you should know. Recruiting can deliver outstanding financial rewards. It's a challenging profession with emotional and financial benefits. If recruiting doesn't compliment your personality, it could be a nightmare! Recruiting offers independence, flexibility, and control over your income and schedule.

Recruiting is all about process. If you've decided you're worth a six-figure income, recruiting may be your ticket to success. Recruiting looks easy but it's not. If you're dedicated to doing the best job possible, be a true professional. Learn the process and acquire the skill sets that set you apart from the majority of recruiters. If you're methodical you'll reach your goals easily.

Here's a quick recipe for success. Get some recruiter training. Learn the process. There are between 25 and 30 steps in the recruiting process. Recruiters are responsible for moving the process forward until the placement is complete. Candidates and clients both want the deal to go through however they don't know the process like you. Recruiters manager the placement process by asking questions and listening carefully.

Memorize at least ten questions for each phase of the placement process. These questions prevent you from feeling like a deer in the headlights. When you get an answer that sidesteps a question you'll need to ask the question again. Asking for industry contacts (part of the process that pays big dividends) may require asking for a referral up to six times before your contact warms up to the idea and starts being helpful! The ability to vary your questions helps get the information needed without sounding like a robot.

Look at recruiting as a machine. It's your job to understand all the moving parts and how the machine operates. When something goes wrong you'll be able to fix your machine and make the placement. Too many recruiters fail because they don't know how the machine functions and don't use the machine properly.

Recruiter's with a flexible, yet focused mindset are able to maximize their efforts and be successful from the beginning. Recruiters must convey a presence that says they're the recruitment authority. Recruiting requires a consistent work ethic, and the dedication and creativity to solve problems until the deal is done.

Every placement involves two sales; one to the employer and one to the candidate. Both sides have unique challenges. If you see yourself as a consultant but not as a sales person, don't be afraid. The consultative sale is about asking questions to uncover employer and candidate needs. Your ability to listen will make you a fortune. Give both sides what they want and skip happily to the bank with your fee.

In choosing a career as a recruiter ask yourself: Are you able to make decisions quickly? Do you trust your intuition? Do you have a high level of self-respect and integrity? Are you willing to learn your craft just like a doctor, lawyer, or any professional? Every placement has multiple twists and turns. If you're grounded in the process your job will be much easier. You'll proceed without deliberation.

If you choose a career as a recruiter learn the rules and play to win. Educate yourself on how to sell, how to interview, and how to recruit. Good Executive Recruiters earn the income they choose.

Success in Recruiting begins with the recruitment process. Recruiting is challenging and rewarding. Kimberly Schenk is an expert Recruiting Coach and Executive Recruiter. Recruiters who try to wing it, fail. If you're going to be a Headhunter start to build a stellar reputation with your first phone call.


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