Headhunting Vs. Staffing: Which One Has More Potential?

Many recruiters who find full cycle recruiting to be frustrating migrate over to the staffing model of recruiting. The fast pace and temp assignments offer quick and consistent rewards. In an ever-changing marketplace adding staffing as a service option makes more sense than ever.

A company with hiring needs may not be able to commit to a large contingency fee. If they need a specific position filled immediately contracting with a staffing firm is a fantastic stepping-stone to a full placement. Your universe of potential clients gets much bigger when you add a contract employee option as a means to solve a customer's employee vacancy problem.

Three reasons why adding staffing to your recruiting practice makes sense are:

1. Temporary assignments/contract employees generate cash flow.

2. Temp employees allow clients to experience the caliber of candidates your company can provide. This often leads to more business.

3. Many companies end up hiring the temporary candidate as a permanent full-time employee.

Temp-to-hire options provide the same fee only employers have the benefit of paying for the candidate over multiple months. Adding staffing to your service menu expands your ability and power to make more placements. It also serves to take some pressure off full fee placements where there is a longer (two to nine months) sales cycle.

Headhunters can adapt to changing times readily because the principles of recruiting remain the same when they switch industries. While industry jargon changes, recruiting strategies and methods continue to work. If a recruiter tires of one industry they can experiment with several others at low cost. There biggest expense is time invested to investigate the pros and cons of an industry segment.

After the big banks got in trouble for poor lending practices and triggered the recession, medium sized mortgage companies experienced a growth spurt and scrambled to gobble up market share across the country. Their small size made them more cautious and less vulnerable to high risk lending decisions. Many of these companies were flush with cash and happy to pay recruiting fees.

Adding temporary staffing to your services will help you stay active in your current industry of choice. There are companies that can help with financing the payroll for your temporary workers. There will be new rules to follow and taxes to be paid. A modification in procedures is a small price to pay for less stress and a more even cash flow.

The great thing about recruiting is the countless ways successful firms can organize. The ability to be nimble and adjust to changing circumstances makes recruiting viable in good and bad economic times. Employees at large corporations often harbor false illusions about job stability. If they get laid off it's often hard for another company to see the value in their abilities and how they will contribute to a new company's goals.

Explore adding a temp-to-hire option to your recruiting business. Stay fresh. Both headhunting and staffing offer unique business advantages and opportunities. Combining the two may provide the magical combination your business needs. You'll have new reasons to contact hundreds of old contacts. A simple expansion can double or triple your earnings next year!

Success in Recruiting begins with the recruitment process. Recruiting is challenging and rewarding. Kimberly Schenk is a Recruiting Coach and Executive Recruiter. If you try to wing it, you'll fail. Build a stellar reputation with your first phone call. Get recruiter training.


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