How Can I Get My Ex-Girlfriend Back?

We’ve all experienced heart break and had that one that got away. The one who dumped us and left us feeling a profound sense of dejection, but if you’ve ever wanted more than anything to just have that special girl that seemed to slip through your fingers back, then have no fear. There are tips to help you get your girlfriend back.

Analyze the Break Up and Your Relationship

Now you probably will not want to hear this but before you begin contemplating as to how to win her back. You need to sit down and so do some soul-searching. Delve into the recesses of your mind and analyze not only the break up and perhaps the reasons behind it but also your entire relationship in general. Is she really as sweet as you think she is? Have there been more good times then bad?

Sit down and go over any memorable and crucial moments in the relationship and really examine whether you were actually happy with her. You should also make a list of pros and cons to see if she really is this perfect woman that you have made her out to be in your head. If the pros far outweigh the cons and you can think of your past relationship in a glowing light then you are ready to begin trying to get your dream girl back.

Making the Commitment

Before you can even begin to plan and contemplate how you can win her back. You must make an iron-clad commitment that you will do anything to get her back because when it comes to love. You simply cannot half ass it. You have to dedicate you self to the idea that she belongs with you and you are going to get back together. You have to visualize it in your mind and believe that it is possible in your heart. You must be completely determined to have her back in your life before you proceed with any further planning.

Have a Concise Plan

Do not formulate some mediocre iffy plan that may or may not work. Make sure that you have a concise well thought out plan of how to win back your dream girl. You must think hard about what you know about your ex, what kind of girl is she? What are her likes and dislikes? Such information can be vital to the formulation of a successful plan. Once you have come up with your master plan. It is of the utmost importance that you don’t deviate from it. You may be tempted but don’t do it. And do not under any circumstances call her repeatedly before you have come up with a plan. If you stalk her voice mail and inbox then more likely it will not breed a longing for what was lost but rather it will bring about pity and a woman never falls for or desires a man due to pity. These are the cold hard facts of life.

Do not Make Any Contact

I know that this may be difficult after all she is the love of your life but trust me it is beneficial in the end. So don’t let your urges get the better of you. Stay strong and do not make any contact with her whether it be via texting, e-mailing calling and especially in person. When you do not call or you ignore her calls then she will be filled with a sense of curiosity as to why you are not calling her back.

She will wonder what you could be busy doing despite the fact that you two are no longer together. Just because she broke up with you does not mean the feelings evaporated and you can use this fact to your advantage. So make her wonder, ignore her and have zero contact for about two weeks or so, let her fascination grow. Besides you know what they say about how absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Make her believe that you are Fine with the Breakup

When you do finally contact her or allow her to contact to you. Put up a brave front, make sure that she believes without a doubt that you are okay with the way things went and that you agree that space was needed. This more agreeable and mature side of you will only leave her more intrigued and will make her start questioning her decision. So no tears, no flinching. You must believe the lie and commit entirely to your façade of being just fine. If you believe it then she will believe it as well.

Make Her Believe that You Have Moved On

After you have successfully made her believe that you are fine with the breakup, make casual contact and tell her that you would like to get together as friends. Do not let on how happy you are to be around her once more. Instead maintain a casual and carefree manner as if you are completely nonplussed and already may have moved on.

The thought that you are so unaffected will only make her more confused and intrigued by this more laid back and mature you. During the conversation casually mention that you’ve been dating, make her think that the break up is nothing more than a mere bump in the road and is not that big of a deal. Women cannot stand the thought that their ex could so quickly forget them and move on and it will plant seeds of doubt in her head about the break up.

Make Her Remember the Good Times

You can also use a casual meeting to subtly remind her of the good times. If you present a positive attitude and also remind her of the good times that you have shared then she will only question her decision more. Go out of your way to subtly show her the old you, the man that she fell in love with. If you are successful and played your cards just right then she will leave the casual get together feeling like she may have made a big mistake in letting you go and more casual dates may follow until you have her back in your arms and marching down that white aisle as your blushing bride.

If Nothing Works

If after all your planning, acting and overall effort you cannot seem to wrangle her back then you must face another cold hard truth that maybe it just wasn’t meant to be and maybe she was not the right girl for you. It will hurt a lot at first but eventually your heart will heal and you will realize that if she did not appreciate the level of dedication that you showed trying to have her back in your life then maybe she did not deserve you in the first place.

It won’t be the end of the world and if you are indeed a mature, loving man that is fully capable of being an outstanding boyfriend to a lucky woman then you will find your real dream girl and she won’t want to let you go. Don’t worry your real Ms. Right will be worth the wait. 


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