Healing A Broken Heart

Most everybody has had their heart broken some point in their life. Sadly though it is a part of life that people will have to go through no matter what the age is. When you are trying to mend a broken heart it is never easy and there is no speedy way to make your heart stop from all the hurt. Some people will try the option of never loving and trusting again but this doesn’t work because you will learn to cope again in your own time.

You will need to grieve and try to move on. Do not hold your feelings inside and keep things bottled up. There are people who will closeout to the world and not talk with anyone about the situation. This isn’t good because you can then fall into a depressed state. Try and talk with your best friend, closest family member or even a psychiatrist.

Between these three choices of people you will be able to let your emotions show whether it is crying, screaming or just talking it out. Once you have done this even if it is just one time or several you will feel better about the break up and maybe even understand why it happened.

Trying to see if you can continue to be friends after a break-up is not a good idea. Give it a little time and then once you and the ex-have had some breathing space away from each other there might be a chance of being friends. In some cases exes have been known to become best friends and in others it was best to go their separate ways all together. It will all vary on how bad the relationship ended. 

Also keep in mind that even when you are broke-up try and not get your hopes up that you and the ex will get back together. Some people keep hope of that happening and this cases them to not want to move on.

There are people who want to move on as quickly as the break-up happens and sometimes this works for them. One suggestion is to get with some good friends and go somewhere and hangout or watch a movie that is funny. When you are out having a good time you need to laugh and remember that life goes on with or without the ex in the picture. Laughing has been known to cheer people up a lot faster than just keeping things held inside and not exposing no feelings at all.

Make a list of all the good and bad things in the relationship. Most people have found out that when doing this that the break-up was the best solution for both people. Especially if there were more bad times than good, not all couple are meant to last forever. And remember also that no couple is perfect and mistakes will be made by both parties involved. If you have pictures all around your home or on your cell phone change them to your favorite pet, or a picture of yourself and maybe some of your friends.

Do not embarrass yourself either by repeatedly sending text messages, driving by the exes home or work and calling them all hours of the day and night. This makes you look like the bad one in the relationship. Some might even think you are becoming a stalker or acting possessive.

Try to avoid being where they normally would hang out at least till some time has passed. When you choose not to do these things it will make you feel better about yourself and let the ex-know you are okay with how things turned out.

The most important objective when healing from a broken heart is to remember that you will learn to trust and love again. Of course right now it may not seem possible but over time the hurt will pass and you will want to be in a relationship once again. Any form of relationship that people are in when they enter it there is always a risk of hurt and anger.

Do not let this control your life and keep you from opening up your heart again. If you do that you might be passing up the perfect person that was meant to be in your life forever.


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