How to Handle Loneliness

If you have ever felt lonely and were unsure of how to ease the feeling of being incredibly alone, then here are some tips on how to handle loneliness.

Everybody Gets Lonely

You are not the only one who feels this way; everybody gets lonely from time to time. People who seem to be perfectly happy may also feel a sense of loneliness even when they are not alone. It is a common emotion and in no way makes you inferior or strange.

Is it Loneliness or Solitude?

There is a big difference loneliness and solitude. A lonely person is generally unhappy that they are alone, while a person in solitude is happy when they are alone. If you have a deep desire to be with people despite being alone then you are lonely. If not then you are a just a solitary being.

Ways to avoid being Lonely:

There are quite a few ways that you can stave off loneliness such as:

Try to be Around People

·      Call someone you know and get together, or go out with a group of friends

·      If you do not have many friends then become involved in activities that will help you meet some

·      Do not be passive be assertive, show initiative when it comes to social interactions

·      Join an Online community and make virtual friends

·      Spend time with your family

Don’t Allow Yourself to Sink Lower

Do not stay isolated and allow yourself to sink deeper into the abyss that is loneliness. This will do nothing to improve your life and may only lead you into a dark depression.

Distract Yourself

Keep your self busy doing something that you enjoy and that will take your mind off of your loneliness. Read a book, watch a movie. Do something to escape your lonely thoughts.

Learn to Be Alone

If you do not have any sort of friends or family then learn to enjoy solitary activities that do not require other people but that you can still have just as much fun with.

Get a Pet

An animal can bring a great sense of comfort and relief from loneliness. So go out and pick up the animal of your choice that you feel will help fill the void in your life but make sure that you can also provide your new pet with quality care. There's a lot of great pets being killed by "shelters" on a daily basis because people think they want a pet. Be sure that you know what you're getting into.

If you believe you have the time and the desire, you can always find your new best friend at the local shelter! You'll save 2 lives at once. (note: NEVER buy a pet. There's far too many great one's in local "shelters.")


Meditation can bring a great amount of peace to a troubled heart or mind and brings a sense of serenity. There is nothing more serene then being by oneself.

Find a New Hobby

A new hobby or interest will surely make being alone not so bad, whether it is writing, art, model building, whatever makes you happy.

Only You Can End Your Loneliness

No matter which avenue you choose to vanquish your loneliness,just remember that everybody gets lonely and everybody feels self-conscious at one time or another. Do not let it get you down. Just learn to love yourself and find ways to be around other people.


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