What’s the Best Way to Break Up with Someone?

Breaking up with someone is never easy and people come to this decision for a variety of reasons, when they have made up their mind that it is definitively over, and then comes the hard part--the actual breaking up.

Here are some of the best ways to break up with someone and make a clean break from an unwanted relationship.

Be Honest

No matter how hard it may be you must be honest and tell them the truth. Do not feed them tired clichés, this will do nothing to ease their broken heart and it will most definitely not ease your conscience. Lying is never an apt solution to any problem, least of all emotional ones. So do not sugar coat it, do not spoon feed them antiquated lines—just be honest.

·      Tell them the reasons why you no longer wish to have the relationship

·      Emphasize the reasons it is not right for you

·      Let them know exactly what the problem is

Keep in mind that there is a difference between being mature and honest and being just plain harsh. Do not cross that line, you cared about them once, take care in the way you are honest.

Break up in Person

You should never break up via phone call, e-mail or text message, nobody deserves such a cold end to a relationship. Keep in mind that you got together with this person for a reason and just because you feel the relationship should now end, that does not mean that you should completely write the person off and erase them from your life. You cared at one point, show them the common courtesy and decency of a face to face break up.

·      Break up in private, do not take them to a crowded place

·      Look them in the eye and show them respect

·      Don’t break up too quickly, they deserve an explanation in person

Never use Infidelity to Break Up with Someone

If the fire has gone out of the relationship and you longer love or desire your partner, do not cheat on them as a way of breaking up, this is incredibly cruel and speaks poorly on your moral character. If you are unhappy, tell them, make a clean break. Do not leave bad blood between you by straying.

·      Do not move on to your next relationship before you end your first one

·      Do not become emotionally detached and cheat, face your issues

Do Not Procrastinate and Lead them on

Breaking up is not easy but it is crueler to lead a person on. If you wish to break up do not keep putting it off, just tell them honestly that you wish to end the relationship. Be direct but not harsh; do not avoid breaking up because it is unpleasant, the person you are with deserves to know the truth.

·      The longer you put it off the worse that it will be for them

·      Procrastination will only make you feel guilty as well

Do Not Start a Fight just so You Can Break Up

You should never purposefully start an argument, just so you can dump your partner, they do not deserve for things to end in such a tumultuous way. You may view it as a way of lessening the blow as they will be upset with you but it is unfair to them.

·      Once the anger wears off a break up during a fight will still hurt later

·      Instigating a fight will only make you feel worse

When You Finally Break Up

When you finally take that last step and break up with them in a honest not harsh way in a private area face to face there is one more thing that you must do. Listen, even if you have already made up your mind that it is over. They deserve for you to listen to their thoughts and feelings and what they want as well.

Finally when it’s over, do not linger leave them in peace to heal and move forward.

In time, you both will have moved on to healthier and happier relationships with people that you truly love.  Things will always improve with time.


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