How Architectural 3D Modeling valuable in Architectural Industry?

Architectural 3D Modeling is an indispensible tool that has helped Architects in developing and presenting an Architectural body or building location virtually before construction. 3D Modelers successfully create virtual Architectural 3D Models of buildings which can be used later for construction purposes.

With the help of Architectural 3D Modeling, it becomes possible for Designers and Architects to efficiently communicate their ideas and concepts. These models are widely used for presentation purpose and construction purposes at times. Architectural 3D Models help us to virtually create a building with sufficient detailing of interiors or exteriors. Later while construction this model can be used to verify wall colors, textures, flooring etc.  Architectural 3D modeling also helps Architects and Engineers change or modify designs or flaws prior to construction.

3D Architectural Modeling has brought about a drastic change in Architectural Industry. Earlier, plans were drafted on paper later using AutoCAD we could prepare 2D plans electronically and now it is photorealistic 3D modeling. Hand Drafted Plans and 2D CAD Plans have become obsolete these days. 3D Models, 3D Floor plans have replaced these long back.  By commissioning this technology Architects have reduced marketing and production cost by 30 to 40%.

Architectural 3D Modeling can be categorized into 3D Modeling, Rendering, Product or furniture modeling, Building Information Modeling etc. Each one is impeccable in this Industry. Building Information Modeling is a very important part which is closely associated with Architectural Industry. One can create a detailed Architectural 3D Model which stores building data extensively. This data or model later can be used for construction purposes or presentation purposes. We can also extract construction drawings from this Architectural 3D Model.

Architectural 3D Models can be used by Architects and Engineers in all phases of construction. Various Software like Revit, 3Ds Max, Maya, ArchiCAD etc. facilitate Architectural 3D Modeling. 3D Modeling tools are utilized for architectural visualization which converts designs and drawing into photorealistic and construction specific 3D Models.

Architectural Animations or Walkthrough can be worked on a later stage after modeling. Architectural walkthroughs gives a feeling of having a virtual tour of an interior and exterior of the building or structure to be constructed.  This methodology is extensively used to design various commercial and non-commercial buildings as well as several intricate buildings like sky scrapers.

Architectural 3D modeling today has become an inevitable part of the construction industry. An apposite representation of a building is very essential for the Designers and Engineers. Hence, Architects and Designers rely completely on Architectural 3D Modeling.

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