Adding Lifestyle Flexibility With Two Master Suites

In the past, homes have only had one master suite with private baths, walk-in closets and sometimes even an additional sitting area. Typically this is a bigger bedroom. However you might find two master suites can give you and your growing family more flexibility. The bathroom in a modern master suite can have additional amenities like a separate toilet room, a stall shower and even a stand-alone sunken tub with jets.

The Benefits of Having a Master Suite Upstairs

Master suites are most common upstairs and here are the benefits:

• It is more convenient when the master suite is nearer to the children's room as it is easier to reach them when you hear them cry at night.

• When all the bedrooms are on the second floor, you can gather laundry at one time.

• When a master bedroom suite is on the second floor, it is more peaceful with no-one walking above your bedroom

• Going up and down stairs can be a good exercise.

The Benefits of Having a Master Suite Downstairs

Having a master suite downstairs can give a couple flexibility:

• You can move into the downstairs master suite when you find you're not comfortable navigating the stairs.

• A master bedroom suite can accommodate a grandparent or grandparents. It will be great for children having their grandparents nearby, someone who will give them more attention and teach them things you might not remember learning. With a master suite on
the first floor, you can do this without disrupting everyone's bedrooms and routines.

The Benefits of Having Two Master Suites

• Having the additional master suite on the first floor enables you to move downstairs and yet still have the comfort of a larger bedroom
with a private bathroom. You can virtually live on the first floor, leaving the upstairs master bedroom suite for visiting family and friends.

• When you have children who are new parents, it is much better when you have a master suite upstairs so they can enjoy some solitude while the grandchildren have their own rooms to sleep in.

• To provide needed income and companionship, it's more practical to have the other master suite to be rented when one spouse passes.

• Two master suites provide more room to accommodate families and extended families when you have a gathering.

• By adding a second master suite to your home while under construction, you have more choices in the future without having to manage any significant remodeling at a time when you're dealing with other stressful events.

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