The Most Common Transmission Dallas Repair Services

Did you know your transmission is one of the most important parts of your vehicle? Whether it’s an automatic transmission or a manual transmission, it’s one of the things that makes your car go down the road. But with any transmission, there are several things that can go wrong. Here are some of the most common issues and repairs that are done by your transmission Dallas repair professionals.

Bell Housing Repairs

One of the most important components of a transmission is the bell housing. This is a cone-shaped metal part that is generally installed underneath your vehicle. This helps protect your transmission from debris, dirt and other things that can get inside and build up to cause problems. It also helps protect against little rocks or pebbles that can get thrown up from your tires so they don’t damage the transmission. Repairing the bell housing is generally only done following an accident, but it can also be damaged by other issues and should be repaired if there is any damage to it at all.

Few people ever think about checking their transmission fluid until it’s too late. That’s one of the reasons why transmission Dallas repair shops get a lot of car owners bringing their vehicles in for repairs – because they ignored checking the fluid and it ran too low. But the transmission fluid is as important to the proper functioning of the transmission as oil is to the proper functioning of the engine. Fixing a broken seal or some other issue resulting in transmission fluid leaks is a common issue for repair shops. Check your fluids regularly so you can catch a leak before it becomes a much bigger and most costly problem.

Transmission Filter
Filters on a vehicle are very important. They help keep the crud and debris out of the components that can be damaged or slowed down. Your transmission is no different. It has a filter that helps keep dust, dirt and other harmful materials from getting in the gears and other moving components. Once these materials build up, they can cause damage. Have your filter changed by your transmission Dallas professionals on a regular basis to help keep your gears and moving parts working properly. A simple filter change can help you avoid bigger problems and repairs in the future and it’s an inexpensive way to make sure your transmission is protected against the elements.

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