Winter Roof Care Checklist

Winter will be upon us before you know it, and that means a little extra care for the exterior of our homes may be in order. As those of us in the Pacific Northwest know all too well, winter often means more moisture combined with colder temperatures. That moisture can lead to the spread of roof moss or algae.

But if you follow a few simple steps in maintaining and preparing your roof, you can minimize the chances of roof damage. Here are some things to look out for:

Check your gutters. If there is any significant debris, clean your gutters. Make sure they are flowing freely. This help ensure they will stay intact if you endure heavy snow, ice storms, or rain and avoid unnecessary roof repair in the process. Don’t forget to make sure the downspouts are free from debris as well.

Now it’s time to inspect your roof. While you may prefer to leave getting on the roof to a professional roofer, checking for leaves, branches, or other debris from a ladder is a good idea either way. 

In addition to looking for debris, check for missing or damaged shingles and sealant. Anything that may look a little suspicious, take note. Having your roof checked by a professional if you suspect anything can save you money due to more expensive repairs after the wear and tear of winter weather.

If there is debris to clear, have someone clean your roof. This is the best idea, unless you feel comfortable crawling around your roof.

When in doubt, hire an expert. Professional roofing contractors may cost money upfront, but avoiding worst issues down the line can save you money in the long run.

It’s important you keep your roof in optimal shape before winter weather comes. Keeping up with maintenance will also extend the life of your roof.


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