Proper Roof Maintenance Is A Wonderful Thing

Proper roof maintenance is a wonderful thing; knowing your roof is working all day and night, every day of the year for your protection, it's only right to pay proper attention to its care to extend its life.

Have you cleaned your roof lately? Not just a quick brush with a broom, but with one of the several good roof cleaning products? Just as you care for your vehicle by washing and waxing the exterior and adding rejuvenation to the interior, the same goes for the roof on your home. An annual cleaning with the right products can add years to the life of your roof by keeping it fresh and supple.

Keep your roof dry. While your roof protects you from the ravages of nature and water, it needs the same help. Some roofs have spots where water puddles, and, just as water damage can occur inside of your home, it can occur on your roof, too. Work to eliminate any areas where water made puddle and help keep it dry. This also means making sure nothing is resting on your roof which may collect water below and have the same effect. Keep all loose debris from your roof as quickly as possible.

Trees are everybody's best friend, including your roof. But, when a tree is too close to your roof, and branches brush back and forth over your roof, they are brushing away the outside protective barrier of your roof. Make sure to keep all tree branches trimmed and away from your roof. Falling leaves, too, are harmful to your roof because they gather and rot on the roof, leaving behind layers of compost and dirt, which act as traps for moisture on your roof. If leaves don't blow away on their own, help them along on a regular basis to keep your roof leaf-free.

During wet weather, take a moment and look at the water flow from your roof. Is everything draining properly, without puddling? And, especially check around any gutters you may have. If gutters become clogged and trap water at the edge of a roof, that water over time can damage the roof edge, causing eventual rot and other deterioration. Gutters are wonderful for protecting the plants and ground below them from draining rainwater or melting snow and ice, but they must be maintained continually for them to function at full capacity.

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