Tips For Maintaining Rain Gutters

Rain gutters perform an essential task, helping to protect your home and foundation from rot, flooding and more. In order for your rain gutters to most effectively do their job, they should be properly cared for and maintained regularly.

Most suppliers of rain gutters in Pueblo would recommend bi-annual servicing of your home’s gutters—once in the spring and once in the fall. A servicing typically consists of cleaning out the gutters and checking for any clogged areas, cracks or breaks. You can hire this work done or do it yourself. If you choose to perform the maintenance yourself, follow these tips to ensure the best results.

Gutters in Pueblo are subject to a wide range of weather conditions which leads to different debris in them after each season. First, start by removing any debris, such as pine needles, leaves or sticks that has collected from the prior seasons. Do this by hand or possibly with a small tool, like a trowel.

Do not use a hose at this point because there will generally be too much debris that will clog the downspout by the time it gets there. If you have an asphalt roof, the shingles often “shed” little granules over time and these can mix together with dirt and water to form a pasty substance that accumulates in gutters. You will want to remove this next, again either by hand or with a small tool.

After you have most of the debris cleared, you may then use a typical garden hose to flush out any remaining items. Make sure the hose is on all the way to allow maximum pressure. A pressure washer can also be used at an appropriate setting (the level would depend upon the psi rating of your pressure washer—make sure it is not set too hard or it could actually damage the gutters and downspouts).

The final step in cleaning your gutters in Pueblo is to inspect them all along their path for any pooling of water. If you notice this, you will want to adjust the slope enough to where the water will continue to flow and drain easily.

As you are cleaning your gutters, make note of any repairs that are needed. Common repairs would be in the installation of new hangers or resealing areas that leak. If you are able to clean your own gutters, you may likely be able to make these minor fixes as well.

Whether you maintain your own gutters or hire it done, make sure to add this task to your regular household upkeep list to prevent future problems.

Gutters Pueblo - Colorado weather subjects gutters in Pueblo to some extreme conditions, season after season. Treat your home to routine maintenance on your gutters in Pueblo every spring and fall to ensure a long gutter life and good protection for your home.


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