Keep Your RV Safe From Damage And Theft

Most of us tend to keep our caravans at home, either on the driveway or somewhere slightly out of the way of the cars that we use each day. You should be aware when choosing the location to look out for a place where it will be safe from a passing lawnmower, where it won't interfere with, or be damaged by window washing equipment or where a cricket, or baseball will be unlikely to fly through one of its windows.

Likewise, if we are keeping our travel trailer at a friend's house we will also look out for and guard against obvious damage that might occur. For a while we had ours at a house that belonged to one of our relations and we were very careful to put it in a place that didn't interfere with access to their boat. This meant that one never passed the other and inadvertent damage did not occur to either.

Some of us like to keep our RVs offsite either in dedicated caravan storage or at a general purpose storage facility. If these places are being used to store other stuff it is good to consider how we will avoid it, when being moved, bumping into our our property..

Whatever storage location you choose for your RV one of the most useful security measures you can take is to keep it out of sight. If the bad guys don't see it they are less likely to steal it.

If you can't hide it completely then try to make sure that it is in some way overlooked by neighbours, friends or business premises near your storage facility. There is an acknowledged benefit to having your property visible to others or at least in giving the impression to people with evil intent that others can see what they are up to. Being seen by people in other properties means that you are benefiting from the principal of The Eye on The Street. What is casually observed by others is almost always safer than what is not seen at all..

There is always a benefit of course in keeping your caravan under lock and key. If it is locked away, invisible in a shed that is under the eye of a security person so much the better. If not at least ensure that the gate leading to the public roadway is locked or that an immovable barrier of some kind is placed between your lovely new caravan and the people who might like to help themselves to it. A decent fence can be a great asset here and there are all kinds of security fences on the market which will both help to keep your property safe and also look good as part of your yard or garden.

You can also secure your property using plants and a little bit of garden design. A well designed garden which is visible from your windows and those of your neighbours will deter people from entering your space. If you combine this with some well chosen thorn bushes and hedging then the psychological deterrent is combined with an effective physical one. If your travel trailer is locked up at your premises which are obviously inhabited and well kept, with a few strategically placed prickly hedges, then there is a good chance that your average caravan thief will move to the next easiest target.

Negative behaviour take place in negative spaces, that is spaces that are not populated by positive dynamics; places that is not overlooked, filled with positive activity or that tend to be dark. Fitting some automatically triggered light fittings therefore will encourage villains to leave your stuff alone and it will also focus you attention on the space when the lights come on. If the area is not overlooked then fitting a security camera or two that are visible to intruders will go a long way towards fulfilling the same purpose.

If you decide to buy and fit a caravan cover you save yourself a bit of grief on two levels. Firstly you are saving your RV from the harmful effects of the weather and secondly it creates another obstacle for anybody who might want to steal it. The cover protects against fading caused by sunlight, black streakes caused by rainfall and may even help to prevent hail damage.

Most villains, being opportunistic will in all like likelihood be persuaded against interfering with it if it is securely locked away. The added problem for them of having to remove a caravan cover in one way or another adds further risk to their the operation of stealing it. Any additional activities like taking off a cover will cause unnecessary movement and sound and therefore will be something that they would rather not do. They could of course choose to tow it away with the cover still on, but again this is risky as a police officer with even only average curiosity will be moved to ask a few questions by this spectacle.

If your caravan is robbed or broken you can claim on your insurance policy provided of course that you have bought one of the many tailored packages available. You should have a close and detailed look at the providers in your area and be sure to select the package that suits you. These days a lot of insurance companies are happy to chat with you in order to find out how exactly you use your caravan, what you need in terms of insurance and to quote you accordingly.

Happy caravanning, stay safe and enjoy the great outdoors.

Keeping your RV safe while it is not in use is important.  Pop over therefore and have a look at some of the information on which will help you with protecting your caravan while it is in storage. You'll also be able to read there some pages on accessories and on stuff that you can do to have fun with your RV.


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