The Difference Between Top Self Tanning Products Like Lotions And Sprays

When it comes to self tanning products, there are a lot of differences between what's available on the market. For instance, companies like Sun Labs manufacture different varieties of self tanning products.

Some of their products are lotions, some of them are sprays and they even have roll-on products as well. Deciding what type of self tanning solution you are going to use can be a difficult matter. There are benefits to each product and it comes down to your personal preferences and ease of use. Below, you'll find some comparisons on these different varieties of products so that you can decide for yourself which type of product you want to use.

Self tanning lotions
A self tanning lotion is one of the easier products to use. With a lotion, you can apply the solution whenever you want, whether it be in the morning, afternoon or evening. Additionally, self tanning lotions only require that you rub on the solution.

There is no trick or special process to doing this, you simply place the lotion in your hand and then rub it onto your body. One thing to keep in mind with a lotion is that you will need to evenly rub the lotion onto your body. If you apply too much lotion in one area, it could turn your skin a darker color and the complexion of your skin would look uneven throughout your body.

Self tanning sprays
A spray is a pretty simple product to apply as well, although it can be difficult to evenly distribute a spray across your body. Some people actually prefer to go to a tanning salon to get a spray tan. Tanning salons have high tech machines that will evenly spray the solution onto your entire body.

This is a much better option for some, but there are others who choose to purchase spray tan products that they can apply at home. Sun Labs and other manufacturers produce these products and they can be purchased at very reasonable costs. Basically, you will have to strip down and start to spray the solution onto your body. You may have to get someone to apply the self tanning product to your back and areas that you cannot reach by hand.

Roll-on self tanning products
A roll-on self tanning solution is different than a spray or lotion. With a roll-on product, the solution is usually provided in a bottle that has a roller attached which will evenly distribute the spray tan onto you, as you roll it across your body.

It's a unique and easy way to apply the tanning solution. A lot of people prefer roll-on products because you don't have to rub anything on or even spray it on, you simply roll it and you will be able to see where you have rolled it on, so that you can evenly do it across your body. With a roll-on product, it is easier to ensure proper distribution, so a lot of people prefer this type of option. Make sure that you read online reviews before making a decision, these reviews can help you come to a decisive conclusion.

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