Insurance Prospecting Calls: Do You Cold Call For Leads?

Insurance sales agents who succeed long term develop a prospect calling system to cultivate leads. Insurance sales careers are known for their generous commission programs and residual commissions. After fine tuning a sales call script that generates leads your sales will increase. You can always hire a part-time person to keep the leads flowing. First it's important to know how many cold calls are needed for each appointment.

Once a new insurance agent has enough product knowledge to speak comfortably with a prospect they need to know the mechanics of how to conduct a successful sales call.

The sales process can be broken down into steps. Understand your client's concerns. Ask questions about their goals, and needs. Next, address those needs specifically, and close. Address objections and close again.

Identify each step of the sales process so you can correct errors if a sale does not close. As your sales skills evolve you'll steadily improve your closing ratio.

Agents who are new to a career in sales and insurance sales specifically are frequently surprised to encounter call resistance. If you don't systematically cold call your sales career may be in jeopardy. Initially, make your own prospecting calls. You'll understand what does and doesn't work. Then you can train someone to support your sales efforts.

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is a tool to use if you have anxiety related to cold calling. EFT is emotional self-care. It's an energy therapy that combines thoughtful focus with tapping sequences on multiple body points. The vibrations and focus together dissolve unproductive feelings.

The EFT process begins with identifying a feeling or idea disrupting one's performance. We grow up making assumptions that may not be true. Some people fear failure, some fear success. If you have feelings that conflict with tasks your job requires, erase them with EFT. You've got the power to repattern your brain with positive, supportive ideas.

EFT is easy to learn and produces instant results in many cases. It's been used by healing and medical practices for twenty years. Now it's time to use EFT to address everyday challenges.

Insurance calls are a task, much like walking the dog. Insurance calling can be boring and as you become comfortable completing more prospecting calls your sales numbers will rise. The secret to cold calling is to make those calls quickly. Don't allow more than five seconds to elapse between calls. Zig Zigler once described a top producing insurance agent in a sales book. That agent would sit down to make cold calls until he had his week fully booked with in-person meetings.

His system was appalling to me as a novice in sales. Every time someone answered the phone he would say, "You don't want to buy insurance, do you?" No introduction, no small talk. His only goal was to schedule appointments. On a regular basis someone would say, "Hey wait, I do want to buy insurance!" Customers were surprised by his direct approach. The result? Going into each appointment, this agent knew his prospect was open to buy insurance! This agent made millions.

If insurance calls are part of the routine that leads to success then figure out how many cold calls create the number of face-to-face appointments you need each week. Use EFT routinely until you've erased all feelings of discomfort associated with sales calls. If new fears emerge or self-doubt threatens to derail your process, take time for another treatment.

There's no need to suffer. If rejection feels personal, EFT can replace that feeling with confidence. If you're a shy person, EFT will help. EFT can erase any feeling or idea that sabotages your efforts.

Develop a call script that feels natural. Use EFT to make Insurance calling easy, if not fun! Insurance sales is a great career. If you feel like you've got to do battle with the world something's not right. Insurance prospecting calls help make an insurance agent successful. Develop a few sales skills, know your products, use EFT, and watch your confidence and sales numbers skyrocket!

Knowing how to sell is about perfecting your sales techniques and your sales process. Sales skills evolve. A conscious and continual effort reaps big rewards. Ready to erase call resistance or outdated assumptions sabotaging your efforts? We're EFT experts. Design internal messages that create success! Kimberly Schenk, Sales Trainer (over 20 yrs).


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