Plant Eating Dinosaur Facts

Dinosaurs, although they became extinct millions of years ago, still have big impact to humans. They are in fact one of the most desired subjects for curiosity. The way they behaved and their eating habits have been subject of discussions and arguments. It has been revealed that some of them are herbivores as well. This means that they survived by eating just plants alone; or in our own version, vegetarians. Here are some quick facts about plant eating dinosaurs.

Those dinosaurs that tend to eat plants are classified as the ones who love peace. They used to live in harmony without causing any problems for other animals. There were possibly several plant eating dinosaurs, but there was one certain species known as Barosaurus.

The most significant aspect about Barosaurus is that they were able to reach the top of very extremely tall trees. This was possible for them because of their relatively long necks in comparison to other species. They were able eat tender leaves with the help of their necks.They could reach so high that even those trees that were 50 feet tall were not a problem for them.

As the Jurassic period coming to an end, which was nearly 140 million years ago, almost all mammoth vegetarian dinosaurs succumbed. While the time of Barosaurus ended, much smaller varieties of dinosaurs began to thrive. Iguanodon is one of them. They used to rely heavily on low-growing plants.

One of the interesting facts about vegetarian dinosaurs is that they used to possess different kinds of teeth for various functions. For instance, they used to possess teeth for the purpose of cutting long leaves so that they could eat them comfortably. Similarly, they possessed grinding teeth so that they could chew plants and bushes heartily. Additionally, there were puncturing teeth as well that used to help dinosaurs in eating plants without any ado.

Some larger dinosaur variants used to have brittle teeth. This made it harder for them in chewing and cutting plants on a constant basis. However, they possessed the unique capacity of swallowing plants completely without even chewing them. Digesting leaves and plants never used to be a big issue for these amazing creatures.

Swallowing leaves for other larger dinosaurs has become easy as they possessed wider mouths. So, there was never actually a need to chew their food. Having big cheeks was an additional advantage for such dinosaurs that allowed them to hold large quantities of plants. In fact, they were able to rip off leaves through the claws they had on their toes.

Most of these herbivores used to move in a group as part of finding their food. They were of calm and composed type leading a normal life. The larger dinosaurs used to eat plants located on the most remote locations as well unlike their smaller counterparts.

Meat-eating dinosaurs used to prey upon the other dinosaurs. This has eventually resulted in the extinction of herbivores in the later years. All these revelations come in stark contrast after it has been widely believed that dinosaurs are carnivores that existed millions of years before. Knowing more about the plant eating dinosaurs will lead towards more interesting facts that many people want to discover.


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