What Would Life Be Without Oil?

There are several products that are required for the conservation of human species on earth. For example, think of oil and its importance in daily life. Can you imagine an automobile being driven without petrol or diesel?

Both are the forms of oil that are very much needed for running vehicles. Most of the countries have been seen waging wars against each other just for the purpose of oil extraction. However, humans have reached such a stage where they can live without food but not without oil. Imagine how the future generations would cope with the never-ending increase of oil demands.

Probably, life would have come to a standstill if only oil was not available several centuries before. It is not related to fossil fuels alone. Oil could be obtained in different forms.

For example, different types of oil can be extracted from plants, fruits and flowers of which some of them are edible as well. In fact, humans require certain types of oil in order to maintain healthy lifestyle at all times. Coconut oil is applied for hairs in some parts of the world. Meanwhile, the same is considered for cooking as well that produces wide varieties of delicacies.

The economic situation of countries is precisely decided by the production, demand, and supply of oil. Most of the countries in the Middle East rely on the export of oil alone in order to maintain the economic situation in a perfect manner.

Considering all these facts, it is hard to imagine life without the use of oil. This is the same reason why most of the nations have already chalked out a strategy for the careful utilization of oil so that it won’t affect future generations. It has already been determined that the fossil fuels won’t last more than a few decades.

Replacing oil with any other alternative is not an easy task. Though efforts are on to develop other sources such as nuclear energy, their very existence is in quandary considering the dangers posed in the near vicinity. If any untoward incidents result during the production process, then the existence of human race will be in question. This highlights the fact that how important is oil for humans.

The only possible way to avoid all such issues is to consider careful utilization of oil without causing any problems with regards to its availability. Several international seminars are being conducted on a regular basis to make people aware of the importance of oil.

Numerous benefits are available through oil that are classified both as external and internal. For example, oil is used for the purpose of massaging as it provides a soothing feel besides activating all the muscles by deeply penetrating into the skin.

As far as the cooking aspect is considered, preparing of any food recipes without the oil is not possible. Even automobile industry is no exception in using oil. From cleaning of individual vehicle parts to smooth running of vehicles; oil is utilized for every purpose. Leading life without the use of oil is something that is totally unimaginable.


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