Removing Weeds in an Environment Friendly Manner

Unnecessary plants and flowers also known as weeds can ruin the beauty of any place including the water bodies. It also leads to environmental problems and such water can cause several diseases. Hence it is important to clear out the extra weeds before they become a problem. Here are some of the methods for the weed removal in the water bodies such as ponds or lakes.

Getting rid of the Weeds

Manual Method: In small water reservoirs, lake or Pond Weed Removal becomes easier as the cutting or pulling up of the weeds can be done manually. Try to remove the weed entirely from its root because at times simply cutting can help in the extra growth of the weeds.

Utilizing a Shade or Coloring Method: Using a shed to cover up the pond or lake can cut on the light which can reduce the growth of weeds and will also lead the existing weeds to starve. Similarly, a color dye can be used to restrict the sunlight so as the prevent weed growth. However these methods need to be followed for at least a month or two to be effective.

Lining up the Pond: Nutrients in water are the main source of growth of the weeds. Lining is an effective method to prevent the nutrients to enter the water and the plants by creating an obstruction using plastic sheeting or simply by a layer of mineral soil.

Altering the Water Level: It is sometimes possible to lower the level of water during the summer or winter season. The weeds can then be removed easily or the harsh weather conditions will often kill them.

Clean the Pond: The method involves removing of all the weeds and plants from the bottom of the pond. The pond then is clean and deep and has a sterile bottom.

Employ specific Animals: There certain animals such as birds, insects, fish or other animals which when left in water can feed themselves on the weeds and thus a balance can be maintained. However in order to do this one has to do careful research or else can also lead to unfavorable results.

Herbicides: Using herbicides is an effective way for lake or Pond Weed Removal. A great care and alertness is required in order to use herbicides as some of them can be lethal, are very expensive and may also leave the water good for no use and stinking. These herbicides can be used to treat a number of different types of weeds. Some of the herbicides are Chelated Copper, Endothall, Glyphosate,Diquat, Fluridone and 2, 4D.

As some of the herbisicides are toxic, it is ideal to put it in less than half area at a point of time so that the living organisms in the water can move to the untreated area. The quantity to be used depends upon the size of the water body, the time of year and the respective temperature. Some of the weed control companies offer a non toxic way to remove and prevent the growth of weeds and thus are ideal to go to so that you have your lake unaffected with harmful chemical solutions.


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