Inside Immunity: A Web Exhibition Featuring Stunning Immune System Pictures

Learn more about your immune system with this web exhibition presented to you by EFIS. Inside Immunity will allow you to explore the life and death of your immune cells, as well as their enemies, through a collection of amazing immune system pictures and immunology quick facts.

INSIDE IMMUNITY, the interactive exhibition.

Watch the intimate battle of your bodyguards against dreadful enemies.

Throughout this world’s first interactive exhibition, you will discover how your immune system fights every day against thousands of germs!

Real and Stunning pictures and videos.

Take a good look at your immune cells and the most dangerous germs from a new perspective. Thanks to the stunning immune system pictures and video from the very prestigious scientific institutions, the Pasteur Institute and the Inserm, « Inside Immunity » allows you to see with incredible details of how cells react and fight against bacterias, viruses, parasites...

Immune cells swallowing enemies or tracking down germs, tissue reparing itself, deadly multiplication of germs... prepared to be surprised by what you will see!

High quality pictures and immune system video are the main focus of the exhibition: the cells or the germs are the main characters of this battle for life. With very light commentaries you will get a very good and quick learned immune system definition.

An interactive exhibition in two parts : the good and the bad.

In a story, there are always the good guys and the bad guys. Well, here it is the same. In this exhibition and mini-webdocumentary, you will meet your bodyguards, how they fight for our sake and you will discover your ennemies, lot’s of them and very dangerous ones. 

The most beautiful pictures of our bodygards and ...our ennemies.

You can’t judge a book by its cover. Sometimes very beautiful, sometimes ugly, with all shapes and colors possible: don’t trust what you have in front of you, it can either be the plague or an immune cell!  Watch out...

Inside the immune system for the general public.

The interactive exhibition is especially designed for those who want to enjoy learning about immunology. Students, kids, and teachers : you can all use this free tool for learning purposes!

Enjoy the ride !

The interactive exhibition « Inside Immunity » is free, and is produced by the EFIS – European Federation of Immunological Societies- a non profit making association, in collaboration with the INSERM and the Pasteur Institute of Paris. This exhibition has been written under the supervision of scientists from the academy, without any involvement of the private sector.


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