The Immune System Explained To Everyone – An Immune System Game By EFIS

Everything you need to know about the immune system gathered in an interactive book and a quiz. ‘Your amazing immune system’ is a great resource if you want to learn more about immunology. Download the multilingual free e-book and evaluate your skills with the immune system game.

Your Amazing Immune System, the interactive book.

Check out the world’s first interactive book on the immune system! A great tool for everyone who is interested in learning the secrets of the immune system. The tone of the e-book is light and it also featured lively animations.

Throughout the interactive story, discover what is keeping you alive since your birth: your immune system.

Did you know that one way to kill enemies in the body is for the immune cells to swallow them? Do you know that these immune cells are able to recognize thousands of different germs? Did you suspect that allergy or asthma are caused by some over reaction of the immune system?

Interactivity all along the story.

Everyday your body fights against thousands of germs, and you don’t even notice it! 

Along the chapters of this immune system pdf and the interactive animations you will discover how your body get rids of germs and protects you against terrible diseases. The educative animations as well as some incredible pictures and videos of the immune system help all along the way to discover this fascinating ability of our bodies. Immune cells swallowing enemies or tracking down germs, tissue reparing itself, deadly multiplication of germs... prepared to be surprised by what you will see!

Can you win the interactive quiz ?

Designed like an immune system game, the interactive quiz offered with the book will allow you to evaluate your skills in immunology! Play the game at 1 or 2 players, compare your score, and be the best!

The immune system for kids and the general public.

The interactive book is especially designed for those who want to enjoy learning about immunology and the immune system. Students, kids, and teachers: you can all use this free tool for learning purposes and download the immune system pdf!


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