SEO Cannot Be An Afterthought

There seems to be a lot of web designers and programmers who try to focus on their Search Engine Optimization efforts after a website has already been launched to the public.

The problem with this is that Search Engine Optimization DOES, in fact, take more effort than this. SEO needs to be done during the actual design phase. If not done properly, this can create a major problem down the road.

I've had a ton of clients who had their designs created by less than effective Web Design "experts" in which I had to fix their mistakes later. The Design phase is the most important time in which your Search Engine Optimization efforts need to be thoroughly handled.

From the Architecture down to the content, your website should be properly optimized for Spiders AND your browsers, traffic or customers.

Getting started on your SEO efforts before it's too late can minimize your tasks later and creates an lighter work load for you.

Start with your SEO thought process before you even design your website. Keep a notepad handy and take notes on what you're trying to accomplish before you get started on your new site.

What are your goals?

What are your future plans?

Remember that your website could run into large amounts of traffic - yet get less than expected results due to the lack of your SEO efforts before launching your site.

How will you use Redirects?

How will you create your Sitemap?

What will your content pages look like? How will you structure them?

There's a lot of information that you need to go through and think about prior to launching your site and it's a good time to get started.

Another question you might think about is whether you're going to use a Server Side Programming language such as ASP, PHP, Ruby or Coldfusion (or whatever other language you may be planning on using).

If you are planning on using one of these Programming Languages to build your site (or CMS) - you need to think about using some sort of Rewrite. For example: If you're using PHP, MySQL and Apache, you can use mod_rewrite to create what's referred to as "Pretty URL's" or also called "search engine friendly URL's".

If you're a programmer by nature, you need to take off your programming hat and put on your Search Engine Marketing hat.

You're going to need it if you're looking to run a successful, search engine friendly website.

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