Sound Bite Executions that Can Complement Your Internet Marketing Campaigns

If you have seen an ambushed interview or a press conference – whether live or on TV – chances are, you’ve witnessed how reporters or journalists scramble and push each other to get a “quotable quote” from a spokesperson. This is basically what a sound bite is – a succinct line or statement that will stick among a specific audience. It’s an effective way to promote a brand and to make it memorable.

Using sound bites is relative untapped when it comes to cyberspace marketing and an SEO company can take advantage of this tried and tested tactic in order to promote their business online in a more creative way.

There are three basic ways how an internet marketing company can use sound bites effectively.

Creating Your Own Mnemonic

To complement your tagline, you can ask your creative guys or your partner Internet marketing agency to develop a mnemonic for your brand or business. Basically, this is a tool to help your target audience remember the main value proposition about your brand. An example of a classic mnemonic is the ABC of First Aid – Airway, Breathing, Circulation.

The key to developing an effective mnemonic is to be as simple as possible and not to try so hard. People don’t exactly remember highfaluting words easily and it defeats the essence of having a mnemonic associated to your brand. Also, don’t force it. Think of your brand first and then think of a mnemonic, not the other way around.

Create Your Own Alias

This is extremely beneficial to an SEO company because it helps them promote your site using a keyword that you can own. Meaning, no one else can rank high in this keyword because you are basically assigning and claiming this term for your brand.

A moniker is basically an alias that you assign to your brand or to a key spokesperson that frequently represents your business. Michael Jordan was known as “His Airness” after making that picture perfect dunk from the 15-foot line. It’s essentially creating an “alter ego” for your brand in a way that is appealing and creative.

Ask yourself, if you were to give your brand a show name, what would it be? Credit experts can be known as “Debt Doctors.” Social media marketing experts can call themselves “The A-listers of the Online Social Scene.” Just make sure that the moniker you use is related to your brand.

After figuring out a nickname, ask your SEO company to include this in all your online content from the “About Us” section of your page to press releases to your Facebook and Twitter updates.

Don’t Forget Your Tag

Just Do It. Byte into an Apple. Faster, Higher, Stronger. Sometimes, the taglines precede the brand they represent. When coming up with a motto, ask yourself: if you were to describe your business in one sentence or one short statement, what would it be? An internet marketing company can help you craft this in a catchier and more creative way.

In order for your slogan to stick, use it whenever appropriate: in your email signature, in your social network profiles, in your sales materials, etc. If your brand dies, your tagline should be strong enough that it will be your legacy.

About the Author:

Author is working in an Internet Marketing company as an SEO New York. He likes to write informative articles on various topics related to Internet Marketing. Through this article, he wants to share his knowledge with people who are about to hire an SEO agency for their businesses.


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