Use Best Feedback Tools and Increase Conversion Rate

Getting customer feedback is nothing new in the world of marketing. Businesses are always interested to know what their stakeholders think to improve their products and services. Previous methodologies used to gather comments include surveys sent via snail mail, focus group discussions and on-the-spot interviews. The preparation and planning for the said methodologies take time and the results even longer to get.

As with everything happening in cyberspace, getting feedback has been sent to hyper-drive and the role of this tactic in the bigger marketing scheme has also transformed. Now, it’s not just about knowing what your site visitors think, but using these data to increase conversion rates. Yes, every SEO firm is now held account not only for bringing traffic to the site, but ROI in terms of high potential leads and actual sales made. As such, knowing what your customers like and don’t like about your site is vital to transform them from mere visitors to real customers and patrons.

Here are three feedback tools you can use to effectively get customer feedback and increase conversion rates for your site.


UserVoice is one of these feedback mechanisms you can install in your site to get peer to peer feedback plus user evaluations can be sent directly to your site’s webmaster. Peer to peer basically means users post questions or queries which are in turn responded to by other site users.

Peer to peer feedbacks are collated under two categories.

·         The Helpdesk section shows posts from other visitors on topics that are found in your site’s FAQs

·         The Feedback section is a database of recommendations on how you can make your website better and site visitors can build on each other’s suggestions

For sending feedback directly to the webmaster, there’s a drop-down menu wherein users can select the nature of their feedback. However, this feature is not that noticeable. Nevertheless, UserVoice is a great platform that can give you or your partner SEO company rich insights on how you can improve your site.

Get Satisfaction

Just like UserVoice, Get Satisfaction also has a peer to peer feedback mechanism, but the advantage of this tool is that it functions somewhat like a social media platform which in turn can increase the level of engagement in your site’s feedback system. It lists down the most popular feedback from users and other site visitors can agree and Get Satisfaction automatically tallies this. The interface is simple enough which encourages usage.


Compared to the previous two tools mentioned above, Kampyle does not have a peer to peer feedback option and basically designed for site visitors to send their comments, evaluation and concerns directly to the site owners. The advantage of Kampyle is the topic buttons and general site rating feature that can be tailor fit to your site’s needs.

Insights Lead to Conversion

Overall, getting your site visitors’ feedback is meant to improve user experience and to eliminate all possible obstacles that may hinder them from purchasing your products or availing your services and ultimate, increase conversion rates.

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