Can SEO Auditing Services Help Recover From Google Penalty?

The recent updates of Google’s algorithms caused a lot of mayhem and fears among webmasters. The reason for this was the unethical SEO techniques most people used to gain advantage in search engine ranking. With the shake-ups now seemingly frequent, every webmaster needs SEO auditing services in order to cushion their websites from imminent penalty from Google and probably other major search engines. If you are one of those people whose websites plummeted due to a whip from Google, then you definitely need your website to be audited before you can contemplate coming up with a formula of correcting your site optimization mistakes. The question is, can this auditing help recover from Google penalty?

Website Architecture Audit

SEO does not begin with search engines alone. It actually goes deeper to the bone of your website, which is the entire design of your website. According to Google’s webmaster guidelines, the focus is to provide users with the best user experience when they are on your website.

This means that small things such as site navigation, website load time are very important in your SEO practices. With website SEO auditing, it is likely that the errors that are in your design will be revealed in order to determine the reason why you are being penalized by Google. From here, you can easily work on better SEO starting with your design.

Website Backlinks Audit

It is important to audit websites for backlinks in order to eliminate any problems that can lead to Google penalization. According to the most SEO experts, the recent algorithm updates were geared towards eliminating and penalizing websites that rely on improper backlink creation methods.

The work of SEO auditing experts is to analyze the linking patterns of your websites and give a report about the mistakes that have led to the Google penalty. These mistakes can include link spamming where links point to sites or web pages that have nothing to do with the anchor texts of the original links, linking from spammy sites, backlinks exceeding maximum limits from article directories and so on. Such errors can be difficult to identify if you do not have the expertise and that is why search engine optimization services include SEO auditing to unravel them.

Keywords Audit

Keyword auditing is yet another important part of SEO especially if you are struggling to rise from a Google penalty. Determining the right keyword density is definitely a hard process especially when thinking of writing content the natural way. However, with the best search engine optimization services focusing on your content creation, it becomes an easy task writing content and avoiding being penalized by search engines.

In conclusion, SEO auditing not only helps you come up with the most acceptable content creation, link building and website design recommendations that will enable your website rank high on search engines. If you have already been hit by a penalty, it is important that you work with an SEO consultant as a way of rescuing your website from being completely banned from Google rankings.

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