Alarm Systems – The Best Protective Systems for Homes

What are alarm systems?

An alarm system can be any device that produces alert when triggered by the user. Different alarm systems use different technologies but work on this same principle. Todays security systems are wireless and can be installed anywhere in the house. Some of the best alarm systems or as Danes say it det bedste alarmsystem, come with sensors that detect the presence of any object within a certain distance. There are also alarm devices that are equipped with video cameras and one can see the recorded events which help them capture the intruder red-handed. One can also see live recordings from their PC or Laptop or even iPhone.

Burglar monitoring

One of the major benefits of installing a home alarm system is Monitoring Burglars. The device monitors your house all the time. When an intruder tries to attack your property, the device produces an alarm which alerts you about the event. The alert in turn notifies the reporting authority which takes necessary steps to ensure your safety.

Fire alert

Alarm systems can be programmed to monitor fire. It is possible to use the same burglar alarm system to monitor fire or smoke and alert the neighborhood as well as the fire authorities about the danger. Adding this functionality to the existing alarm device is not much more expensive.

Carbon monoxide monitoring

Home alarm systems can also be added with carbon monoxide monitoring feature. The cost of signing up to avail this service is less. Usually, these systems come with sensors that detect different levels of carbon monoxide in the environment and notify the people in that area about the hidden danger by producing an alarm.

Personal emergency alarm systems

These are alarm systems that can be worn on your body or carried with you. The service is specifically intended for those living in homes alone as well as the helpless to safeguard themselves in the event of emergency. Usually, PERS are used by mostly elders and medical patients. The device has an alert button which when pressed alerts the caregiver, hospital or concerned authority about the immediate help needed. For medical patients, these security systems are called medical alarms and are available in the form of wrist watches, alarm pendants, alarm necklace and alarm belts.

Benefit from the low insurance rates

Studies have shown that the homes equipped with alarm systems are less likely to get attacked. So the insurance providers are assured of home protection and provide considerable discounts on the insurance rates.

Freeze sensors

When winter gets to its peak, there is possibility that the water inside the pipes freezes and expands which in turn can break the pipes. The damage caused is not that easy to resolve, but involves a lot of money wasted. Freeze sensors in Home alarm systems can monitor the temperature of water in pipes and alert the home owners when there is possibility of freezing.

Another benefit of installing home alarm systems is that the resale value of your home increases when compared to houses with no such systems. The buyer would be willing to invest more when the home is assured all-time safety with proper protective systems.  


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