Believing in Yourself—Changing the Way You Think About Yourself

Many people have negative thoughts or feelings about themselves and possess a sense of worthlessness. But you do not have to feel this way; there are plenty of ways to stave off negative thoughts about yourself. Here are some helpful tips to help you better believe in yourself and build an overall stronger self esteem.

The fist tip and most one to follow is to Love yourself. You cannot possibly expect to garner any belief in yourself or love from others if you do not even love you. You can use daily positive affirmation to enforce the idea that you love yourself and that you deserve to be loved by others as well.

The second tip is. Create a positive image of yourself. Write down everything that you like about yourself; jot down all the special talents and good qualities that you possess. Writing down your own positive opinions of yourself can be incredibly beneficial to changing the way that you think about yourself and is the key to a healthier self-image.

The third tip is to write down all the things that you have achieved. List all of your accomplishments so you can better see and reflect on the fact that you are most certainly not a failure. You have immense personal worth. If you do not have many accomplishments to list, do not take it as a sign that you are in some way a loser. Do not let it get you down just follow the next tip.

The forth tip is to sit down and write the goals that you wish to achieve in your life. A person who knows what they want to achieve in this life and who sets personal goals makes for a happier, more productive individual.

The fifth tip is to stop living in fear of failure. Thinking that you will automatically fail and never succeed is not conducive to a person’s self esteem or mental health.

The sixth tip is to write down some other fears that you may have. A better understanding of what scares you can make changing and molding yourself all the more easy.

The seventh tip is that you should take steps build up your confidence as much as possible. Participate in activities that you excel at so that you will feel more confident in your own abilities.

The eighth tip is that you should not take yourself too seriously. It will make it easier for you to become over-anxious and will breed other problems as well. Loosen up and you will not be so worried about what other people or you think about yourself.

The ninth tip is to write down a list of the good things that are in your life. This is important as reflecting on your blessings will make for a happier you. Think about the people in your life who love you, think about your home and your job and other positive aspects of your life.

The tenth and final tip is to be you. Do not worry about what other people think. You are in control of yourself and whether or not you will let others negatively affect you. The way that others perceive you with the proper amount of healthy self-esteem, confidence and positive self-image can be entirely up to you.

In conclusion developing the ability to believe in yourself is something only you can do. You must improve upon and be responsible for your own personal growth and emotional development. Remember that nobody is perfect and nobody is better then anyone else. Everybody has their own hang ups in this life. 


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