A Great Way To Win People Over To Your Way Of Thinking

If you've ever tried to persuade anybody to do anything, you know it's difficult. Usually people start off simply by overpowering the other person based only on their personality. Sure, if you've got a particular charismatic or scary personality, all you've got to do is walk around and tell people what to do, and they'll naturally fall in line.

But for the rest of us, who are not so outgoing and naturally persuasive, we've got to try other tactics. Some of us try logic. This is great if we are trying to figure out the best components to build a radio, but what about deciding what to eat for dinner? You can't very well use the Socratic method to convince somebody to go for pizza when they've got their heart set on sushi.

So what do you do? The best way to persuade people is to use their emotions. People make decisions not based on logic, but based on the emotions. Then we rationalize it five seconds later, or even less. We actually persuade ourselves that we are logical creatures when we are anything but. That's why using logic is so difficult, when we think it's going to be easy.

So how do you persuade people based on their emotions? Figure out what their hot buttons are. These are certain things that are very important to a person. They usually represent them with vague language. For example, some people really love pepperoni pizza. Especially when they're a little bit hungry, simply saying the words "pepperoni pizza" will cause them to go into a slight trance.

Other people are motivated by word like, "freedom," "money," "sex," and "love." The way you know what a person's hot buttons are is to simply ask them. If they say they are hungry, for example, you can ask them what their favorite meal was. They might describe a lot of things in addition to the food. The ambiance, the service, the price. All these things play into their decision making process.

The more you somebody's hot buttons, the easier it will be to persuade them. Just talk to them, and see what words they are using when they are in a particularly good emotional state. These are good words to remember, so you can use them later on.

This works great with a spouse or your kids. The more of their hot button words you can remember, the easier it will be to persuade them when the time comes. That way, everybody will be happy.

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