Cold Calls: How Can I Make Call Reluctance Vanish?

Cold calls are an important part of the sales process. Top sales people know how to make sales calls and incorporate them into their routine. Call resistance is common, yet the topic is often dismissed. Ignoring call reluctance makes it worse.

Successful sales people have a secret. Their secret is consistency. They follow a method, practice their skills and improve their performance in small increments. Great sales people have the discipline to make sales calls regularly. A methodical approach to sales works like magic.

Sales calls are necessary if your company doesn't provide sales leads. Calling can be a boring task. We all have tasks and most of them are not glamorous. We walk the dog, or pick up the dry cleaning without complaint. Successful sales people accept the tedium of prospecting calls as part of the sales process.

In recruiting, if a recruiter speaks with 4 - 5 people an hour for a few hours a day, they will perform well. Once a sales person chooses a sales process they start to track their closing ratio. Modifying phrases or changing some aspect of their routine often results in more sales. Sale professionals continuously tweak their techniques to increase the number of sales. They work smarter, not harder.

What happens when cold calling triggers anxiety? What if you fear calling strangers? What if making sales calls triggers feelings of unbearable discomfort? Not many people want to discuss their fears. Many label fear as a weakness. Too many sales people tolerate anxiety, insecurities, or fear related to some aspect of their job. Most attribute their discomfort to a personal character flaw.

Emotional reactions to everyday situations often have an origin in a past traumatic event. Emotional reactions are not character flaws. There's no need to blame ourselves for feeling anxious. It's not necessary to understand why feelings exist in order to acknowledge they're hurting our performance.

There's an emotional self-care tool called Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) anyone can use to dissolve outdated feelings. When destructive emotions are released, we can perform the tasks at hand. We can all stop suffering needlessly. EFT is an effective business tool most sales people have yet to discover. EFT can quickly eradicate negative feelings related to cold calling.

Consider EFT to be emotional acupuncture. Science has proven we hold traumas, outdated beliefs, and destructive emotions within our bodies long after an original experience. Theses negative emotions remain lodged within us until they are released. They block our energy from flowing freely.

Anxiety or habitual reactions often have little to do with the reality we face today, yet we react with behaviors we learned long ago, in response to a situation long past.

We can control of our thoughts, and beliefs. We can choose how to respond to events. We are not slaves to the past. Some of us may need professional medical care. EFT is not a substitute for therapeutic help. Those who need professional help should seek it for their own sake.

EFT combines focus, tapping sequences, and speech to repattern our brains and rid us of unwanted emotional blockages within our energy system. Tapping specific 'acupoints' on the body sends vibrations through our system. As we focus on an emotion, for example anxiety when it's time to cold call, and complete the tapping sequence the disruptive emotion vanishes.

Cold calls and sales calls are integral parts of the sales process. Why not master these components and enjoy yourself as you earn the living you desire and deserve?

Take control of your career and your life. EFT is an excellent business tool. Don't let cold calls kill a great career. You're not crazy and you're not alone if cold calling is giving you trouble. Emotional pain is a sign we are in need of healing. Respect your feelings and yourself; cold call your way to success.

Does cold calling make you miserable? You can erase anxious feelings with the business tool EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques). The Cold Call Therapy shows how to use EFT for amazing resuts. Kimberly Schenk has 20 years in sales. She's an Author/Trainer/Executive Recruiter. Recruiter Training:


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