Best Christmas Ideas For Mums in The UK

It is that time of year again and it is time to start having a thought about what to get everyone for Christmas. If you are anything like me, each and every year I am looking for something a bit different to get my Mum instead of the same old things you see again and again on the high street, and not surprisingly it is getting harder and harder each and every year.

My Mum, like many others I should think, spends a vast amount of money on her delightful children (OK maybe not always delightful!) and very rarely treats herself, so surely Christmas is the time of year to treat your Mum and give her something she wouldn't buy herself? So we shall take a look at a few ideas I have come up with.

The first suggestion, and possibly the most obvious one, is a handbag. Now I know what you will say, "She already has a handbag", but I think you are missing the point. A girl can NEVER, and I repeat NEVER, have too many handbags; and Mum is no different! I can also guarantee you one other thing, EVERY lady out there would like a little bit more glamour in her life. Now what better excuse do we need to be a bit more glam than Christmas? It is the season of the little black dress, sparkling jewellery and glasses of bubbly after all, so lets help Mum get involved.

Why not get her a fabulously festive patent handbag, a lusciously luxuourious ostrich leather handbag or a timeless, designer inspired handbag in a stunning colour? If you can't see your Mum going for any of the above, and you feel you need to try a more "practical" angle then what about one of the fabulous reversible handbags available? Two bags for the price of one, who can argue with that?

If you feel a handbag isn't the present you want to buy her, and you feel she'd prefer something more practical or something for her house then I may have found something a little bit different that is both practical and looks good. A magnetic notice board. You can have shopping lists, letters, photos, cards and much more neatly stuck on your fabulous, bright, colourful magnetic memo board so you can keep the whole family organised. And with all the different designs out there you will be able to find one to suit every Mums taste. Perfect for the kitchen, office or bedroom!

If I've still not suggested something that takes you fancy then what about a scarf? I am not talking about your bog standard knitted stripey scarf, or some fleecy delight like you had when you were at school. I am talking about a beautiful, luxurious pashmina in rich, wonderfully decadent colours.

I believe that no matter what you have on, if you wrap one of these gorgeous pashminas round your neck or drape it around your shoulders you instantly feel more glamourous and your outfit instantly looks more put together. What more can a girl ask for? Especially as a pashmina is an extremely affordable present, that looks a lot more expensive than its price tag!

So there you have it, a few suggestions for the hard to shop for Mums out there. Whatever your decide on for her (think I am going for a patent handbag), just remember that she has spoilt you rotten for many years so she truly deserves an extra special treat at Christmas. Lets push the boat out and add some sparkle to Mums Christmas!

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