Different Types Of Watches

You may become incomplete without a watch. Even though earlier it was considered as a means to know the accurate time, now it is also showcased as a masterpiece. When you are busy getting ready for your office, it helps you a lot in keeping track with the time so that you are not late. In your day to day life, it has got its own significance. Likewise they are also available in various patterns and designs to attract you. Would you like to possess one such masterpiece with dual functionality? Then browse through various sites on the internet to choose the one according to your taste. The application is wide depending on the field in which it is used.

There are different types classified depending on the type in which the time is displayed.

Analog type

This type of watch (in Danish ur) indicates time with the help of angles. They make use of moving hands and fixed dials with a 12 hour circular scale. If second hand is present, then it serves as a 60 minute scale or 60 second scale too. A number of other designs are also available in this category with dials divided as 24,10,8, and 6 hours. Another type under this category is sundial which registers time by tracking sun continuously by considering the shadow position.

Digital type

They display time in the form of numeric values. This type of watch usually represents two types of numeric forms namely 12 hour notation and 24 hour notation. The common display technologies used under this category are LED, LCD, VFD displays. In addition to that cathode ray tubes and nixie technologies are also used.

Auditory type

Like the name suggests, the time is displayed in the form of sound. Such types are used to assist blind people, distance telephony etc. for convenience. It can be either in the form of auditory codes or natural spoken language. A number of telecommunication companies even offer speaking watch service too.

Word type

This type displays time in the form of sentences. For instance it visually displays ‘It is about five o’clock’. These types are usually implemented in software and hardware. 

Likewise you will find a number of types when you surf through various sites in detail. Their application in electronics and communication field is wide. Even in your car a small digital watch is designed in the interior to know the time. The digital circuit also has got its applications. When you think of a watch, understand that it is not confined to your wrist alone. The application can be easily identified in every field when you move out. Even you start you day with the alarm sound of a timepiece.

Like any other product, it is important to choose quality stuff even if it is for simple applications. Various companies will post their latest collection in varying designs and patterns. Keep note on it and make your choice wisely. Reviews and postings will also benefit you to make the right choice.

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