Basler UK Platinum Collection: 3 Reasons to Love this Collection

Basler UK recently released a new fashion collection called Platinum. It is a collection that promises to bring both rich elegance and cultured style, with key pieces that are most suited for working women, or for those professional ladies who like to bring both play and power into their careers. This is something many ladies will appreciate, as people see more and more empowered women climb and make waves among the top of the corporate ladders of the world.

Although Platinum is but a single collection amongst a sea of others, there are enough good reasons to fall in love with this collection. Here are three of them:

1. The Use of Rich Fabrics

One thing about fall collections is that most of its pieces will tend to fall under materials with bulkier, heavier weights. This is beneficial, as the seasons will turn colder as the days approach winter. However, heavy fabrics tend to bring down not only most silhouettes, but the spirits as well. Coming from a season where light, breathable fabrics are essential to wear, transforming to heavier materials can dampen the spirits.

These problems are offset by using structured or tailored cuts that only heavy materials can maintain. This makes office suits, pants, skirts, and jackets fall right at home with these collection. But what about dampening the wearer’s spirit?

That problem can be offset by using rich fabrics, such as tweed or luxurious cashmere. Heavy fabrics tend to be scratchy, but tweed and cashmere are comfortable against the skin. Luckily, Basler’s Platinum collection is full of tweeds and cashmere materials—a touch of luxury in the office.

2. Wearable in the Office

Working women will never go away now. They are here to stay for good. This makes office fashion a gift for women who are used to fun, flirty, and feminine women’s clothing. Structured suits and power pants take much more than just the right size to wear—it takes attitude. Basler’s Platinum collection has cuts and silhouettes that blends just the right amount of masculine to the feminine.

Aside from which, Basler’s Platinum collection addresses the most common complaint of women who work in a corporate setting—the boring dress codes. Most often, employees are forbidden to wear colorful or flashy outfits to not distract the other employees from their working mindset. Platinum brings just the hint of color through tops with bold and striking colors in turquoise, aqua, teal, and dark forest green—perfect against blacks, grays, and navy blues.

3. Peacock Motif

When women reach a certain age, or a certain status, certain prints and patterns are deemed inappropriate to wear. One cannot go wrong with an elegant peacock motif. Peacock feathers were once used by the courtly and the wealthy to adorn hats and gowns, as well as inspiration for colors and designs on clothes. The peacock often symbolizes elegance and wealth, and it is a wonderful motif clearly abundant in Basler’s Platinum collection.

Whether you are someone new to fashion, or someone who has a nodding acquaintance with it, Basler UK has provided something worth looking into with their new Platinum collection. Versatile enough for the office, yet with hints of playfulness and elegance, it is perfect for the sophisticated, educated, and independent women of today.


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