Between Darkness and Light

This is my first attempt at a vampire story. The PPG’s have just turned 18. It’s been two years since they have seen the RRGs. The girls were left with broken hearts when the boys just disappeared out of thin air, but finally two years later the girls have moved on with their lives and are about to start college. The night before their first day at collage, Buttercup wants to blow off some steam. She had just broken up with her boyfriend Mitch of one year and was feeling pretty down. He was an okay guy, but no one compared to Butch, the love of her life. Her only wish was to see him again. She was about to get her wish, but wish things turn out the way she hopes.

Chapter One: One Wish

Buttercup’s POV

Here I am just walking the streets of Townsville. The moon was full, giving the night more illumination than usual. School starts tomorrow and I’m kind of nervous about it. Me, Buttercup, nervous? I know it sounds weird, but I’m not the same girl I was two years ago. Back then, I had a boyfriend I loved and so did my sisters. We were all going out with the Rowdy Ruff Boys after the big battle with Him. The boys had by then changed their ways and joined us in crime fighting. With the six of us defending the city, crime came down by 99%. There was still the occasion incident, but nothing too major.

Then it happened. A report came up about a rip in the atmosphere. My sisters and I were in Farmville visiting our aunt, the Professor’s older sister. The boys told us they would handle things while we were away. We didn’t know being gone for one day would turn our world upside down. When we returned, we got a call from the mayor telling up the boys were missing. They have disappeared there the tare after driving a dozen or so monsters back through it. Everyone in town said they were dead, that they had given up their lives to save the city and possible world invasion, but we knew they were alive.

So much time had passed and still they had not turned up. After a year of searching Blossom and Bubbles gave up and come to the conclusion that the boys were lost forever. I tried to be optimistic, but the more time passed the more I swayed to their way of thinking. Still, Butch was always in the back of my mind. Even dating Mitch didn’t make me forget him. He was always in the back of my mind. I would have flown, but I lost my desire for flying since I lost Butch. It was something we loved doing, but in a way everything reminded me of him. I wanted him back. I wished it so many times. I didn’t care about the consequences. I wanted to be selfish. He was mine, and I deserved to be with him. After everything my sisters and I had been through it wasn’t too much to ask to have a little happiness in our lives.

Somehow I ended up at the junkyard. Why did I come here? This is the place Butch and I would come to get away from everyone. We would look up at the stars and secretly make a wish. I know it sounds sappy, but I never had to act tough around Butch. He knew that softer side of me that no one else knew. That night we saw the shooting star we both made a wish, but never of us would tell each other what it was.

Tonight was a night much like that night. Again I saw that shooting star. I wondered if it was the same one. I closed my eyes and made a wish. All I’ve ever wanted was to be reunited the boy I loved. I never wanted something so much in all my life. I repeated the wish over and over, until I realized I had said it out loud.

I fell on the ground on my knees feeling suddenly weak. It seemed like in a blink of an eyes and moon dimmed so such it seemed as it was disappearing. Then before I knew it darkness consumed the night. Suddenly I felt someone touched my shoulder. I felt my strength was gone, and didn’t even make an effect to protect myself. If I was going to die then so be it.  

Before I knew I felt a sharp pain in my neck and a lightheaded feeling came over me. At that moment I tried to fight, trying to push the assailant off of me, but whoever it was they were too strong. I felt my eyes getting heavy. That’s when I heard my attacker speak.

“One last kiss before you die,” I heard his deep voice. I fought hard to keep my eyes open and looked into a pair of dark green eyes. 

“Butch?” I gasped before losing consciousness.


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