Single Guys – Four Reasons to Keep Enjoying Bachelorhood

Most guys consider bachelorhood as the stage of life where they get to live and enjoy life to the fullest, and avoid those big responsibilities and obligations like married guys have. In fact, many married guys would want a divorce simply because they want to be free from commitment.

Now, let’s get to the main point. How do you keep life as a bachelor fun and enjoyable?

First, you have more freedom and control of your life whereas married couples tend to fight over for decisions and what or how things should be done. You don’t need to do these things. You can do whatever you want, whenever you want, and wherever you want.

You promote your own independency within - not to mention you can have a hell lot of fun by doing things you want to do from having week-end trips, drinking beer till dawn, up to partying at clubs all night long without anyone deciding for you.

A single life means you get to do all of the household chores like cooking, cleaning, etc. You get to eat things that you want. Being free is when your friends ask you to go out for a party and drink when you don’t have the hesitation to decline.

Second, you have more control of your time and money as married couples tend to do budgeting. Having the control of your own time means you can work as proficient as most people do. Being single does not completely mean your income could not possibly go sky high as those married guys can.

You can focus on your career without anyone telling you what the right and wrong choices are. Have you even noticed that many successful guys are bachelors? The very simple reason is because they’ve spent most of their time doing things that they want and end up being successful on it. As the saying goes, “love what you do and you’d surely make a lot of profit from it”.

You get to control your money thus you spend less but you enjoy most of your earnings since you can save much of it. Buying things you want also makes it easier to plan for saving money for the future and for any unforeseen circumstances whereas when you’re married, you have to budget everything for your kids’ future, college, and all the things that you want for yourself would always be left behind.

Third, being a bachelor allows you to focus on controlling and managing your emotions and when you have problems, it’s only your problem. You stabilize your emotions and you don’t end up worrying on other people, specifically on your spouse/partner.

Studies show that people who worry too much end up having anxiety up to severe anxiety and later a panic attack. You get to flirt with other girls anytime you want to without worrying of having an emotional affair with them unlike married guys who gets screwed when they’re caught flirting with someone else.

Lastly, being a bachelor can give you a deeper awareness of which you really are - not someone as defined by a relationship. During the initial stages of a relationship, you try to make yourself look as good as possible to impress your partner, and often find yourself saying and doing things you normally wouldn’t do. Being single allows you to be yourself and develop who you truly are.


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