Melanoma: Facts about Skin Cancer

Melanoma Defined In-Depth

Melanoma is a tumor that forms in the melanocytic system and can be a malignant form of cancer. There are several types of Melanomas such as:

Superficial Spreading Melanoma—this type accounts for about 70% of all diagnosed Melanomas and usually develops in a benign mole. It is the leading cause of death amongst younger adults.

Acral Lentiginous Melanoma—this type accounts for about 5% of all diagnosed Melanomas. It makes up 50% of diagnosed Melanomas amongst people with darker skin as well as Asians.

Lentigo Maligna Melanoma—this type can often be mistaken for sun spots and makes up 10% of diagnosed Melanomas and usually forms in the faces of middle-aged and elderly people.

Nodular Melanoma—this type accounts for 15% of diagnosesrelated to Melanoma but is the most aggressive of all the Melanomas.

Ocular Melanoma—this type forms in the melanocytes which are the cells that produce melanin in the skin, hair and eyes.

Mucosal Melanoma—this type can develop on any interior mucosal surface and is usually found in the mouth, nose and throat though it can even be found in genitals.

Statistics on Melanoma and Skin Cancer

The statistics surrounding skin cancer can be rather alarming, here are a few facts based on statistical analysis about Melanoma and Skin Cancer:

  • One in Fifty Americans have risk of contracting melanoma

  • Nearly 65,000 people were diagnosed in the USA with melanoma in 2009

  • Approximately every 8 minutes a person is diagnosed with melanoma

  • Melanoma is one of the most aggressive forms of fast growing cancers in the United States and across the world

  • Since 1980, The incidence of diagnosis of people with melanoma under 30 has increased by more then 50 percent

  • Melanoma is one of the most prevalent cancers for people who are in their mid to late twenties and is heavily diagnosed as one of the leading cancers that adolescents and young people contract as well.

  • Melanoma can develop in anyone regardless of age, sex or race. The average age of diagnosis is 50 years old

What are the Risks and Causes of Melanoma and Skin Cancer?

Approximately 65% of all diagnosed Melanoma are a direct result of over exposure to harmful UV rays from natural or artificial means.

People who use indoor tanning beds are also at major risk of melanoma as the use of them before the age of 30 increases the risk of getting melanoma by 75% and in some cases can every triple a person’s risk of diagnosis.

You are also more at risk if you have a family history of skin cancer or have had melanoma before. You are also at risk if you have had other types of cancer or have an autoimmune disorder.

People who allow them to get sunburned are also more at risk as each time you get sunburned you greatly increase your chances of developing skin cancer.

Prevention is the Key

You should always use the right sun block and seek shade if possible. Prevention is crucial in not contracting Melanoma.


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